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Thursday, January 28, 2016

In this era of technological advancements, just when people thought that Google has brought out yet another advancement to it, it has become a failure in some way, since the technology was never brought to the mainstream due to some reason.  

Has the mission of Google to put a super smart computer on every possible face may have come to an end? While many have been waiting for years for this kind of technology, have their dreams come to a halting stop? It is time to find out if Google Glass will really make it to the mainstream or not.
Below are some reasons why Google Glass failed to perform.

Why did Google Glass fail to perform as a technology?

  • Voice Control Fails To Work
While using voice control, we feel like the commander of the USS Enterprise barking orders to the most obedient machine to prepare us a steaming cup of coffee or to find out where Scotty has gone to. It does not actually work that way! Do you really wish to walk around screaming “Play some bloody music now, Google Glass” when your haptic actually ends up taking a photograph of you in your morning hair? We have all experienced what it can be like to control our iPhones using our mild accents and Google Glass would, for the better part, only be voice controlled. Good luck to you with the voice control, if you are not someone from the Valley.
  • It Looks Really Stupid
It is not that people are reluctant to wear stupid looking accessories, but Glass currently looks like it is straight out of a village based in California. Google has however realized that this is the case with the glasses and is talking to the person who made them in the hope that there would be a better version of the Glass. But let us face the truth; computers, that are wearable, are supposed actually to make us look like this! However, we still get the feeling that we need more fashion statements that can be worn and not just wearable supersmart devices.
  • It Is Highly Expensive
Okay, so you would spend a whopping $2,000 on a new MacBook Air, but is it really worth spending the same amount on a pair of Glasses? While a laptop would give you many functions in just one device, a Glass is just as good as a mobile device. Even the entry level models of iPad come at a price much lesser than this and still come with more functions than does Glass. Can you even view image based websites on the new Google Glass? Or play the Kitchen Scramble while looking like a boss? At the most, you can command it to share a video of you on social networks, but there are no appropriate apps in the device that can help you share more than that, leaving it with limited infrastructure.
  • Google Fails To Meet The Rising Demand For Things
The name Google can be exciting to hear, but let us face it. They do not have such a great reputation when it comes to shipping hardware. Do you remember what happened to Nexus? You probably do not, because it never actually reached you at all, so you could not moan about it on your Facebook account. If Google would like to address the demand and supply issue, then it would have to perk up its production facilities, which it currently just does not have. Unless and until, there are several automated factories in Iowa that can go on producing more Glass pieces, there is nothing that can be done to address this problem. Google can certainly consider teaming up with someone to address this issue, but with whom?
  • Can you give a better HUD?
In a world where people seem to be highly drawn toward mobile phone with larger screens and higher functionality, a HUD simply cannot stand to compete. With a smartphone, a tap would be enough to zoom out of it, but what about a HUD? Can you zoom out of one easily? Of course, you can always control a Glass using your voice, but it still cannot perform everything you desire.