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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Points to consider before buying a new cellphone

It is very essential to study your buy before making a purchasing of your new cell phone. Due to the options available in the market, this task can be particularly daunting. Remember to get hold of the one that meets all your requirements and suits your pocket at the same time.

While buying a phone, usually people tend to get confused since there are a huge variety of options, phone strategies and companies available. You can pick from your favorite brand, the quality of the camera or on the basis of other factors. There are world renowned brands and companies such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia and many more that manufactures cell phones using the newest technologies and the best features in their smart phones. Following are some of the different features and systems that you can choose from that are high in demand.

Cell phone operating systems:
The usage of a cell phone is highly determined by the operating system it is running on, specifically when it comes to smartphones. At the present time, there are primarily four operating systems available in the market. Following are a few features of all four of them in brief:

·         Allows accessibility to thousands of applications through the Google play store
·         Easy customization as per your specific tastes and needs
·         Designed centering around the social networking needs of the consumer
·         Open source platform that provides with accessibility for developers to create tools and apps

Apple iOS:
·         Apple Store avails with apps that can be accessed with an official approval
·         All the apple products come with the same technology which allows greater synchronization
·         Integrates Safari mobile web browser and iTunes application
·         Allows accessibility to mobile industry’s widest app selections

·         Great for international usage
·         The updates operating system creates a user-friendly and interactive experience
·         Created for business users for convenient access to text messaging and email

Windows Phone:
·         Easy management if videos, photos and documents through the SkyDrive app
·         Touch screen interface can be customized easily

·         User-friendly and personalized experience that communicates at ease with other devices, especially Microsoft

Each one of these systems provides the user with extreme convenience. However, other than the operating systems, there are certain essentials that needs to be looked into as well as they are as follows:
The battery life of the phone: Battery of the phone is very essential and there are applications built in certain smartphones that can maximize its battery. 

Voice controls: You can access certain information in android phone with merely on the sound of your voice with virtual assistants like Androind’s Google Now and Apple’s Siri. 

Weight and size: Larger screens and thinner bodies are high in demand currently.

Video chats: Hangouts, Facetime and Skype need a front camera on the smartphone to have face-to-face conversations. Hence look for the smartphone that provides you with the same.

The quality of the camera: Numerous smartphone cameras come with amazing megapixels and resolutions that offer clarity as well as professional cameras.

Sharp images: Majority of the smart phones offer with large screens and high-definition imaging.
Powerful processors: This is necessary for streaming video, gaming and web browsing.
Some of the other features that add extra glory to the smartphone are as follows:

Fingerprint scanning: Companies such as Samsung and Apple has popularized the feature of fingerprint scanning that carries out the task of unlocking the phone. It is a great feature that keeps your phone secured. Apple was the first company that introduced this amazing feature, which was then used by other brands as well.

Heart-rate monitor: Samsung and Apple have taken a step further and integrated health along with high technology. LED heart-rate monitor was first introduced by Samsung in their galaxy S5 and was later made a part of Galaxy Alpha, Note Edge as well as Note 4. 

These high-end functions of smartphones have made just much more than just a device to take and make calls.