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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization which is a combination of techniques and tactics used to attract maximum number of visitors to a particular website by getting a high ranking placement in the search results. It includes search engines like Google, yahoo, and many others. It increases the websites visibility in search engine results and also improves the way the content is ranked. Needless to say for this purpose you will require the services of a company like YEAH! Local
Importance of SEO
The important task of Search engine optimization is to make your website friendly for both the users and search engine robots. Like humans the search engines are not able to understand what each page is all about as humans can think of and how it would be beneficial for the users. The search engines can only understand the contents of the page by the clues provided to them by the web masters who are associated with search engine optimization companies.

How to search for good SEO companies
While searching for a good SEO company you have to keep certain things in mind.
·         First of all the customer service of the company should be prompt and should be able to give you expert advice.
·         Next is the communication where give and take of all information should be transparent.
·         A good company should have different price points for all small and big businesses.
Keeping all these points in mind you can critically analyze the company for the success of your business. The search can be done through internet, twitter and Facebook who have SEO experience in their profiles. You can start searching from here and then go with your own decisions after learning about them.
Need Of SEO Services
Search engine optimization is an investment and not a cost. It helps to lift your rank to higher pages. It gives right emphasis and focus to your marketing and generates the high performance. SEO services are must for all business organizations as it has many advantages. It increases the visibility and brand awareness. It works for you all 365 days and 24 hours. Nowadays e-media advertising is preferred by most businesses rather than print media. SEO works for your website and enhances your return on investment. Due to all these reasons the business organizations are opting for higher search engine page ranks and hence the need for the good search engine optimization companies.
Justin Herring is the Founder and Head of Digital Marketing at YEAH! Local. A boutique agency in Atlanta focused on results and ROI with SEO and Content Marketing for our clients. Recognized as an SEO Expert, Speaker, and Trainer.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

We already know that E-commerce in China has grown by 31% or more than $ 2 trillion, measured on last year. This growth is predicted to grow 25% this year. In general, there are two main characteristics of the development of e-commerce in China. The retail market in China has achieved amazing achievement selling amounted to 143.5 billion dollars in the last quarter of last year. The rapid development of the world of E-commerce in China is inseparable from the use of seven marketing strategies based on SEO, considering the world of e-commerce is associated with the websites. Here are 7 SEO marketing strategies suitable to be applied in China:

1.    Prioritize your SEO in Baidu

In China there are various search engines but Baidu is the most popular one. Baidu is the first Chinese search engine and it is the largest source for references to any information related to China as well as what searched by Chinese visitors.

2.    Provide unique and qualitative contents

Copy-paste is not something that is prohibited by most of Chinese search engines. By using China-based search engines, you can be more flexible in adding content to your website. You must realize that the rules determined by Chinese search engines are not so strict like what determined by Google and other American-based search engines. 

3.    Never criticize the Chinese government

It is important that should not be violated, otherwise you will have problems. Avoid as much as possible sensitive topics that have a tendency to attack the Chinese government policies.

4.    Optimize the home page

Try to keep your home page filled with information and links. The difference between Chinese visitors with visitors of other countries lies in their penchant for visiting the home page containing a lot of backlinks. The more backlinks, the better and this habit is supported by various Chinese search engines, including Baidu.

5.    Backlink campaign

As already mentioned in point 4, backlink is a very important thing in China. The more backlinks, the more easily a site can be detected by Chinese search engines. The article quoted from a famous website can be used to improve the search. Try finding quality articles from famous websites, and rewrite them in your language and then you can find at least a satisfy result regarding the SEO.

6.    Site hosting

Use a different server if you have more than one site. You are also not allowed to use a shared server to accommodate more than one site. This will result in your site will be blocked by the Chinese government. Use the China-based hosting services also to facilitate visitors in finding your site.

7.    Do not forget the Tag

Tag is a very important thing. By using the tag proportionally so you can maximize your efforts in order to make your site easier to be detected by Baidu and other Chinese search engines.
I hope the Top 7 SEO Marketing strategies in China above can help you in maintaining your SEO in order to get a more amount of Chinese visitors. Good luck!
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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

India is a land of lively and colorful cultural traditions, natural beauty and a variety of tasty food, but there is one more thing that people love about India and that is handicrafts. Here at Pin2wheel you are going to find treasure of handicrafts and handlooms with the diverse artisans touch. If you are thinking about decorating your home with beauty and culture of India, then this is one best place where everyone is going to find a handicraft piece of their taste. 
Types of handicrafts
There is a wide array of handicrafts including painted or carved decorative, handmade wall hangings, paintings, metal craft, Jewelry, stone craft, pottery, wooden handicrafts, and much more. No matter you are ordering items from India or any other part of the world we are going to deliver your items safely at your doorstep. All the items present at Pin2wheel are cheap and unique.

Here you can find marble items, metal crafts, wooden crafts, wall hangings; paintings etc. there are beautiful decorative items having eye-catching engravings on them. You are not going to find such unique items anywhere else.

Handloom section
The Indian silk sarees are world famous because of their incomparable designs and lustrous beauty. No Indian occasion is complete without colorful expensive and luxurious handloom sarees. Here we have stored a huge inventory of handloom silk sarees, hand painted sarees, madhubnai sarees, hand painted dupattas and lots more. The vibrant and contrasting colors make them popular and unique choices among women who like wearing sarees. We have hand painted dupattas that is going to make your simple suits appealing.

There are a variety of designs, colors, patterns, and best quality sarees and other women clothing items available. Explore our gallery so that you must not miss something unique. Sarees are always considered as luxurious and elegant. Beautiful and heavy work on palu makes them authentic and only Indian women knows what difference  it can make  when they are wearing a beautiful silk sarees having heavy, detailed and beautiful work done.

Heavy discounts
We not only offer best quality material, items, guarantee of quality, but we also take care of the happiness of our customers. On handicraft items, you can enjoy flat 30% and save for the next item. There are other unique sections with loads of money saving deals.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A strategy game having several millions of fans worldwide is clash of clans. It is a game in which the victory depends on how a player is good at developing strategies to fight against enemies as well as protect the fortress. When the game starts, the players will have instructions from profiles and will be given a village with builders and resources. The players have to tap on the element icons and build them up. Whether you use your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can easily learn the game. People who like to play the game on their laptop or personal computer have to browse the web to find the right software and download clash of clans for computer. Even though the game is not officially available for PC use, people can play it with the help of a PC android gaming platform. 

How to play the game on PC

Playing the game on PC is same as playing it on android and iOS devices. Let us see how to play the game.
·         The gameplay of clash of clans is very easy that does not require new players to be expert on gaming.
·         The players of COC have to focus on three important things. First they have to keep the fortress and every element upgraded whenever they can. Secondly, they have to keep on guiding their troops and keep the army camp full to swing in fight. Third thing is to keep on fighting players of other kingdoms to bring gold coins and elixir to obtain victory. 

·         COC is not tough but players need to have patience and skill on making good strategies. They have to think bigger all the time else they may lose the game. 

·         New players can watch the COC videos on YouTube to learn on how to play the game. They can come to know the ways to obtain more gaming resources. 

Download the right COC gaming software 

When you are looking to download clash of clans for computer you have to be careful in making your choice from the available options. Experts suggest players no to go for guides offering simple ways to obtain gems, coins and elixir as they may use cracks and malicious ways. The game consists of HD standard of animation and graphics that offer great gaming experience to every player. Together with the colorful images, sound track of this game is also appealing the players. These are the key factors that make players to get addicted with this game. In short, people can have an awesome COC gaming experience right on their personal computer as they know where to download the game for PC. If you are new to this MMO game, you can get help online by searching for effective strategies and tips to collect more resources and win the game. Downloading this game on smartphones is easy as users can get it from play store. Spending a little time on the web can let people find the right online portal to download this game for their PC.
Every business needs superior search engine rankings and better visibility on the internet to benefit and grow. If the website does not get traffic, it won’t help a bit as no business can survive without customers. It’s therefore important that your website get more traffic and realize its potential. That’s why, search engine optimization or SEO is important as it brings ranking and visibility benefits by using a set of methods of techniques.    

In SEO, there are many techniques adopted by optimizers, content is among them. In fact, content is one of major factors of rankings and it helps a lot in driving the traffic to websites. However, only quality content helps in the process of boosting the rankings not low-quality content. It’s therefore important to understand the value of quality content and take due care to improve on the front.

There are many ways to improve the quality of content, including:   

Original content
First and foremost, the content should be original. It means, you can’t do cut-and-paste or copy-paste job and hope to gain good rankings. It won’t. Rather, copied or plagiarism-ridden content does a massive harm to the ranking prospects of website and thus, it should be avoided at all cost.

New and fresh content
Google or other search engines always give a preference to new and fresh content. It means, a website where new contents are added or where the content is updated on regular basis is more likely to have better ranking than the rest. As per Google algorithm, when the crawling finds fresh content, it boosts the rankings.

In-depth and informative content
Your content has to be informative and detailed. It has to delve deep into a subject rather than disusing trivial points only. Your posts or blogs need to provide some kind of information or knowledge or they need to solve some questions or problems of target audience. If it manages all these things, then your ranking prospects get a great boost.

Engaging content
Being informative is not enough as your content has to engage the readers. Your posts must give users something to keep them engaged, hooked and kind of entertained. Using visual elements will help a lot in this endeavour. The more your content keep the readers engaged, the more it benefits the cause of traffic.

Focus on readers not on search engines
Most of the time, content is written to focus search engines and seek benefits out of them. When this strategy is employed, readers are ignored, not provided information and only bad-quality, keyword-stuffed content is delivered. Such content won’t help a bit so stay away from them.

Focus around a niche  
It’s always a good strategy to keep the focus around a niche. Such way of writing content boosts trust and also helps in ranking. It means, the purpose should be to write keeping in mind the target audience and their requirements. You can’t just pick a random topic and go on writing hoping it to bring benefits. It won’t.  

Leverage info-graphics 
As visual content gains more attention of users and keep them engaged for more, you should try to benefit from it. So, add your content with info-graphics where videos, images, data, states, pictures etc. can be used to give more value to readers.

It’s clear than quality content is an aspect your business simply can’t afford to ignore. So, hiring the best SEO service becomes important to let your business be delivered with benefits only. Only an experienced SEO company knows how to bring more traffic and how to keep the content quality intact. So, never trust any and every optimization company and be specific with the selection.

Friday, February 12, 2016

It's enjoyable to wear your own particular picture on a T-shirt, and less demanding than any time in recent memory to do as such without falling back on low quality, iron-on exchanges. Administrations, for example, Zazzle, RedBubble, and Printfection (and numerous others) let you transfer fine art, pick shading, and submit a request.
T-Shirt with your picture
Planning your tee

A decent tee configuration has clean lines and fresh difference; preferably, you need individuals to have the capacity to see and fathom the shirt outline from 20 feet away. Content ought to simple to peruse and characters, animals, and articles ought to be anything but difficult to distinguish.

You'll likewise need to outline in view of particular shirt shading so that your last work of art truly pops; for instance, white content emerges on a dark green shirt though naval force content would be lost.

Since tees are an alternate medium than print, there are various specialized contemplations to remember as you outline your shirt.

1. Pick an administration and a style of shirt before you bounce into the outline process. When you know the objective determination, you can make another report with those careful measurements.

In Photoshop CS4 ( ) pick File - > New and enter a name for your report. Enter the pixel width and tallness alongside pixels-per-inch (ppi) determination (if that has been indicated) and afterward click OK. In Illustrator CS4 ( ), pick File - > New. Give the record a name, enter the width and stature in pixels, and snap OK.

You can utilize prior forms of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and other picture altering or drawing projects that you may have, if they are fit for making a fitting archive for the printing administration you pick.

2. Your last outline ought to be concealed; that is, the work of art ought to be completely misty and the encompassing range straightforward. On the other hand, it can be hard to plan on a straightforward foundation, particularly on the off chance that you need to utilize white content. All things considered, it's best to make a strong shading foundation layer that approximates the last's shade shirt; you can kill this layer before you send out the document.

Author Bio

To express in crisp, Debasmitas is a versatile writing generalist travelling through the varied room of thoughts - from a pragmatic gadget review to Next Gen Tech blogs, cool Web Apps to 'How-to-Do' articles - for all categories of readers, be it a common man, a techie or a management professional.

Presently she works with a Gadget Deals & Comparision website i.e., Supersmartdeals.com for Indian consumers. It publishes daily deals with customized comparison options from across different E-commerce stores in order to ease users for their best shopping experience.
Business coaching is an essential element of any successful business. Investing time coaching your team now can save you much more time in the future. Instead of using all your energy telling them what to do and how to solve problems, you can get them to take more responsibility through some simple coaching tips. This will ultimately enable you to delegate more work and concentrate on planning and the strategic issues facing your department.

So, in this article I’ve given you some brief 1-2-1 business coaching tips to get you started.

Business coaching and Business coaching tips
Be Clear About The Objective

We know that one of the aims of business coaching is to make them better at their job, but we need to focus our attention on those areas that will give us the best return. It’s always easier for a person to concentrate on one thing at a time, so pick one objective and start with that.

For example, you have tasked one of your team in their annual appraisal to review the induction procedures for new people joining your team. There is already a company wide process which tells people about the business but it’s the specific things they need to know when working in your department.

Sit down with your colleague and discuss specifically what it is you are looking for. Specify how long you expect the induction to take, the areas you want it to cover and when you want it ready by. The coaching tips you give will ultimately reflect in the final results.
Get Them Thinking

Having set the parameters of this objective, ask them to spend some time coming up with their own ideas for how they will achieve it. Tell them that it is only ideas at this stage and you are happy for them to carry out research before they come back to you to discuss it. Set a date for this first review and stick to it.
Be Good At Listening

When they come back to you make sure that you listen to all their ideas without passing any judgement on the quality of their ideas. Even if they pause to think, give them more time to express themselves and the ideas they have come up with. Even if they haven’t documented their ideas this is the opportunity to do so. A good business coach should also be a very good listener.

You could scope it out on a flip chart or blank piece of paper in a mind map fashion. You might even want to capture it straight onto a computer which will save you time later on. Be sure to ask questions to check understanding but above all, listen to them and keep them thinking for themselves in order understand how your coaching tips have helped. Build their confidence in what they are doing by encouraging creativity and praising their efforts.

For more tips on Facebook on business coaching why not check out https://www.facebook.com/BusinessCoachingLondon
If you want to impress your customers online and if you want to increase your revenue, your brand should enjoy good online reputation. Reputation management is a very challenging aspect of managing your business. It will take several years to build the reputation of a brand but it will take just a few minutes to ruin the hard-earned reputation. 

Reputation management is to be handled at two levels namely – image building and secondly handling emergency reputation management situation. You should not wait until something goes wrong to start building positive reputation or positive brand image. This should be your ongoing effort. The second aspect of handling emergency situation is as and when your brand is subjected to reputation attacks.

Regardless of whether it is ongoing brand image building or dealing with emergency reputation crisis, you need to increase your online visibility. You will be able to achieve your goals of boosting your brand image by carefully planned SEO efforts whereby you could target the right keywords and boost the visibility of your website for those keywords. 

If you are concerned that you may have to spend a lot of money on SEO, which actually is a gamble for the most part of it, then here is a solution, look for pay for performance SEO solutions. Signing up with SEO plans that assure you guaranteed results would guard your interests very closely. You will not be spending your money on some vague SEO strategies that promise you exceptional results but fail to deliver you the results. The pay for performance SEO solutions will ensure that you get the best out of your investment. 

As far as reputation management is concerned, you need to work continuously on building positive image around your brand. When that happens, you will be able to withstand even the most severe reputation crisis because the positive brand image that you have built will protect you from the negative effects of reputation attacks. 

Hire a reputed SEO pay for performance company that is capable of delivering you with the best results. Your website will be able to take the top positions in the search results. Moreover, when a negative result is to be featured in the first page along with your website’s positive listings, it will water down the negative results. If you do not have a positive image built around your brand then the effect of the negative results will immediately affect your brand very badly. 

So keeping all these factors in mind, start boosting your brand in the search results. You will need to put in consistent efforts. The results expected cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time to build positive image and also to remove the negative image around your brand. When you approach a trusted brand, they will help you understand the dynamics involved in ranking websites and how various efforts will positively or negatively affect your brand. Find such credible service providers to boost your ranking in Google.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It’s still the beginning of the year as we have moved into the second month. It’s a good time to sit back and look at some interesting stats gathered from January’s data that will give us somewhat clearer picture about the coming days. You can always adjust your directions in the lights of these information.
While you can always trust Webryze for search engine marketing Canada, in this post you can read about the following:
·         In-app customer care,
·         Display ad spend
·         Data failure
·         Native ads
·         Ad blockers
So, brace yourself for some valuable stats of January, 2016.

Half of the world is Online
Nearly 50% of the entire world population is online, and according to global snapshot, one-third of the world is has social profiles. Following statistics will help you plan your digital marketing strategies in 2016.
·         Global penetration of internet was 46% with a over 3.4 billion users
·         Global penetration for social media touched 31% with over 2.3 billion users
·         Global penetration for mobile usage was 51% with around 3.8 billion users
·         Global penetration for mobile social media was 27% with nearly 2 billion users

Display Ad Spend Will Exceed Search Ad Spend This Year
According to eMarketer, US market will see digital display ad beating search ad spend for the first time ever in the history. Digital ad spending will touch 48%, just over $32 billion on the following, in 2016:
·         Sponsorships
·         Rich media
·         Banners
·         Videos, and more

You’re Living in The Era of “Peak Tech”
No need to buy that new iPhone folks! Since consumer demand for new tech has been stalling, as indicated by Accenture Digital in their 2016 Consumer Survey. There has been a sluggish sales of laptops, tablets and smartphones. Moreover the demand for IoT (internet of things) devices hasn’t been too encouraging for digital marketers.
The survey including 28,000 consumers of 28 countries revealed:
·         In 2016, 48% consumers are planning to purchase new smartphone, whereas in previous year, there were 57% consumers who planned for the same.
·         In 2016, 30% and 29% consumers have plans for buying a new TV and tablets respectively, compared to 38% consumers in 2015.
·         Among those who are not interested in buying IoT devices, 62% cite expense and 47% cite privacy fear as the reason of their lack of adoption.
·         Surprisingly, 8% consumers are planning to get the VR (virtual reality) headset in 2016.

Customer Care Should Prefer Apps
Contact Solutions, in their Digital Disconnect report indicated:
·         75% of 1004 people questioned mentioned they would prefer to get customer service via mobile app. According to them, mobile apps are more convenient for assistance.
·         On the other hand, nearly 95% of mobile apps push users to transfer to live-chat or live-call, because of the difficulty in them.
·         53% of the consumers say they’re likely to spend more money on a brand that offers channel or device switching without them having to repeat themselves.

Run Less Native Ads
Trusted Media Brands Inc conducted a survey on mobile advertising formats that must be preferred by search engine marketers. It revealed 45% marketers are interested in running native ads in 2016, whereas 50% were interested in the same format the previous year.
Following are the reasons quoted by marketers:
·         Difficulty in measuring results
·         Time and difficulty in production
·         Low sell through rate (5% or less) even on that emphasized on this format.

This is the Era of Mobile Programmatic
IAB reveals, among UK marketers, 50% of them use programmatic in order to buy smartphone inventory.
·         29% (nearly 3 out of 10) feel they have excellent understanding of the entire mobile advertising, whereas 22% think they are poor.
·         79% of the marketers believe mobile advertising is an integral part of their marketing campaigns.
·         66% think location based advertising is the most exciting opportunity for them
·         52% believe that the industry has an excellent opportunity to grow by using wearable technology.
·         56% respondents have planned to initiate advertising via wearables in coming months.

Social Sharing of Brand Related Content Will Be Meagre
Warc published a report that indicated, of all the consumer actions on social media, in response to brand-related content, only 7% end up in sharing it.

Ad Blocking Will Increase
GWI (Global Web Index) shared a data that indicated towards the increase in ad blocking software. The use of Ad blocking software, in the last quarter of 2015, rose to 38% - an increase of 10% compared to previous three quarters

By now, you will have a fair idea about marketing your content on the web. Take your time and make necessary changes in your marketing strategy for the rest of the year.