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Friday, February 12, 2016

Business coaching tips you can apply today!

Business coaching is an essential element of any successful business. Investing time coaching your team now can save you much more time in the future. Instead of using all your energy telling them what to do and how to solve problems, you can get them to take more responsibility through some simple coaching tips. This will ultimately enable you to delegate more work and concentrate on planning and the strategic issues facing your department.

So, in this article I’ve given you some brief 1-2-1 business coaching tips to get you started.

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Be Clear About The Objective

We know that one of the aims of business coaching is to make them better at their job, but we need to focus our attention on those areas that will give us the best return. It’s always easier for a person to concentrate on one thing at a time, so pick one objective and start with that.

For example, you have tasked one of your team in their annual appraisal to review the induction procedures for new people joining your team. There is already a company wide process which tells people about the business but it’s the specific things they need to know when working in your department.

Sit down with your colleague and discuss specifically what it is you are looking for. Specify how long you expect the induction to take, the areas you want it to cover and when you want it ready by. The coaching tips you give will ultimately reflect in the final results.
Get Them Thinking

Having set the parameters of this objective, ask them to spend some time coming up with their own ideas for how they will achieve it. Tell them that it is only ideas at this stage and you are happy for them to carry out research before they come back to you to discuss it. Set a date for this first review and stick to it.
Be Good At Listening

When they come back to you make sure that you listen to all their ideas without passing any judgement on the quality of their ideas. Even if they pause to think, give them more time to express themselves and the ideas they have come up with. Even if they haven’t documented their ideas this is the opportunity to do so. A good business coach should also be a very good listener.

You could scope it out on a flip chart or blank piece of paper in a mind map fashion. You might even want to capture it straight onto a computer which will save you time later on. Be sure to ask questions to check understanding but above all, listen to them and keep them thinking for themselves in order understand how your coaching tips have helped. Build their confidence in what they are doing by encouraging creativity and praising their efforts.

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