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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Getting Office Design Inspirations from Social Media

You finally have the guts to start your own business. After years of working as an employee, now you are ready to be your own boss, and to help other people by giving them opportunity to build their careers. Whether you are planning to start with less than 10 people or more, you have to keep tabs on constructing and designing your own office.

There’s nothing more exciting than imagining how your office would look like and thinking about the endless possibilities as far as office design is concerned. However, don’t let the excitement and thrill get the best of you. You may have tons of ideas on your head but you should realize that not every detail you have in mind can be incorporated to the general layout and design. What you would want to do is to funnel your ideas into one solid design and consult with a professional if your idea is feasible. Limiting your office design ideas can be a challenging one especially if you want to be hands-on in the designing phase. However, with simple tips and tricks, you can have a more concise design concept, saving your business from unnecessary expenses and keeping your business capital at a low.

If you have an active social media life and presence, you should not have a hard time coming up with cost-efficient and functional office design. So, how can social networking help you in designing your office? Let the tips below answer this question.

·         Join interior design-oriented communities on Facebook – You should realize that office designing-related groups exist on Facebook. Yes. This may sound peculiar because the subject is very specific, but that’s just how social media works. You will always find people who share the same passion, interest, and situation with you on Facebook, and if you are looking for office design concepts and tips, or office furniture shopping guides, you are likely to find a Facebook group for that. Just use the search option on your Facebook and look for groups that cater to people passionate about office design, architecture, interior design, and the like. You can share ideas, ask questions and tips from the members of these groups, and they will likely to share with you their ideas and solutions.

·         Search for relevant hash tags – Let’s be blunt: hash tags can be annoying. Hash-tagging almost everything on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ has been very popular in the last five years, and the problem with this is that many new users do not know what hash tags are for. If you are looking for office designing tips, you can use the hash tag feature on your advantage. In your social media accounts, you can easily find posts related to office designing by searching for related hash tags like “#officedesign”, “#DIYdesign”, “#officefitout”, “#officelayout” or “#officearchitecture”. Searching for these and related hash tags will help you find posts that can help you in your office design process.

·         Browse Instagram and Pinterest – Photo blogging has caught mainstream popularity in the past several years. Since all smart phones are already equipped with high-quality cameras, it is not surprising that many social media users are fans of popular photo-sharing apps and sites like Instagram and Pinterest. If you are a regular user of these apps, you can use them in your advantage for looking for office design concepts and even office furniture. You can search for office design ideas and inspirations from these apps and sites, and post a comment or two to ask about details of the design.

Social media has revolutionized how people communicate and the society in general. If you are looking for office design or furniture shopping tips, you can always turn to social media for help and ideas. This is how interactive and proactive the Internet has been, thanks to social media.