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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

SEM in 2016: What January Data Shows

It’s still the beginning of the year as we have moved into the second month. It’s a good time to sit back and look at some interesting stats gathered from January’s data that will give us somewhat clearer picture about the coming days. You can always adjust your directions in the lights of these information.
While you can always trust Webryze for search engine marketing Canada, in this post you can read about the following:
·         In-app customer care,
·         Display ad spend
·         Data failure
·         Native ads
·         Ad blockers
So, brace yourself for some valuable stats of January, 2016.

Half of the world is Online
Nearly 50% of the entire world population is online, and according to global snapshot, one-third of the world is has social profiles. Following statistics will help you plan your digital marketing strategies in 2016.
·         Global penetration of internet was 46% with a over 3.4 billion users
·         Global penetration for social media touched 31% with over 2.3 billion users
·         Global penetration for mobile usage was 51% with around 3.8 billion users
·         Global penetration for mobile social media was 27% with nearly 2 billion users

Display Ad Spend Will Exceed Search Ad Spend This Year
According to eMarketer, US market will see digital display ad beating search ad spend for the first time ever in the history. Digital ad spending will touch 48%, just over $32 billion on the following, in 2016:
·         Sponsorships
·         Rich media
·         Banners
·         Videos, and more

You’re Living in The Era of “Peak Tech”
No need to buy that new iPhone folks! Since consumer demand for new tech has been stalling, as indicated by Accenture Digital in their 2016 Consumer Survey. There has been a sluggish sales of laptops, tablets and smartphones. Moreover the demand for IoT (internet of things) devices hasn’t been too encouraging for digital marketers.
The survey including 28,000 consumers of 28 countries revealed:
·         In 2016, 48% consumers are planning to purchase new smartphone, whereas in previous year, there were 57% consumers who planned for the same.
·         In 2016, 30% and 29% consumers have plans for buying a new TV and tablets respectively, compared to 38% consumers in 2015.
·         Among those who are not interested in buying IoT devices, 62% cite expense and 47% cite privacy fear as the reason of their lack of adoption.
·         Surprisingly, 8% consumers are planning to get the VR (virtual reality) headset in 2016.

Customer Care Should Prefer Apps
Contact Solutions, in their Digital Disconnect report indicated:
·         75% of 1004 people questioned mentioned they would prefer to get customer service via mobile app. According to them, mobile apps are more convenient for assistance.
·         On the other hand, nearly 95% of mobile apps push users to transfer to live-chat or live-call, because of the difficulty in them.
·         53% of the consumers say they’re likely to spend more money on a brand that offers channel or device switching without them having to repeat themselves.

Run Less Native Ads
Trusted Media Brands Inc conducted a survey on mobile advertising formats that must be preferred by search engine marketers. It revealed 45% marketers are interested in running native ads in 2016, whereas 50% were interested in the same format the previous year.
Following are the reasons quoted by marketers:
·         Difficulty in measuring results
·         Time and difficulty in production
·         Low sell through rate (5% or less) even on that emphasized on this format.

This is the Era of Mobile Programmatic
IAB reveals, among UK marketers, 50% of them use programmatic in order to buy smartphone inventory.
·         29% (nearly 3 out of 10) feel they have excellent understanding of the entire mobile advertising, whereas 22% think they are poor.
·         79% of the marketers believe mobile advertising is an integral part of their marketing campaigns.
·         66% think location based advertising is the most exciting opportunity for them
·         52% believe that the industry has an excellent opportunity to grow by using wearable technology.
·         56% respondents have planned to initiate advertising via wearables in coming months.

Social Sharing of Brand Related Content Will Be Meagre
Warc published a report that indicated, of all the consumer actions on social media, in response to brand-related content, only 7% end up in sharing it.

Ad Blocking Will Increase
GWI (Global Web Index) shared a data that indicated towards the increase in ad blocking software. The use of Ad blocking software, in the last quarter of 2015, rose to 38% - an increase of 10% compared to previous three quarters

By now, you will have a fair idea about marketing your content on the web. Take your time and make necessary changes in your marketing strategy for the rest of the year.