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Monday, February 8, 2016

Zimbra Email Hosting Offers Better Security and Flexibility

Email is a core function of any business today irrespective of whether it is small, medium or large.  One of the most important means of business communication, it allows an organization to seamlessly and effortlessly communicate with its employees as well as with its clients and stakeholders. Modern organizations in order to stay competitive need dependable e-mail solutions that are flexible, reliable, trustworthy, secure and above all works well for the business situation. 

Zimbra email hosting provides organizations better security, flexibility, reliability and simplicity in managing their emails, contacts, calendars along with other important communication requirements.  This email solution incorporates a host of attractive features that makes document sharing and management on the go extremely easy and convenient. Additionally, it provides mobility and desktop synchronization to users on any machine.

In the following paragraphs we shall look at some of the important features and benefits of Zimbra email hosting and the benefits that it can provide them with its web based Email control panel, AJAX web based interface, robust security mechanisms, unified archiving, scheduling wizard and support for Outlook mails, calendars’, etc. 

Variety of access options
Zimbra email account is easy to access and can be accessed from any location and with any internet enabled devices using any web browser. Businesses can conveniently access their emails, calendars, tasks, address books, etc from virtually any platform. 

Cost competitiveness
Zimbra as an open source hosting platform and its affordability is one of its greatest strengths. Organizations are spared the trouble of making heavy investments in acquiring software and servers, licensing, co-location, internet, etc. They need invest in buying servers, software, licences, etc. They can advantage of competitive prices offered by quality service providers to get specialised support and simplified email management solutions for enhanced business productivity.

Robust data backup facility
One of the most important and endearing features of Zimbra is the strengthened backend support provided by it for business continuity. Quality service providers offer excellent data backup support allowing a business to quickly get back its emails and other business critical data in an event of service outages. This also ensures business continuity as employees can easily access their Zimbra accounts from their smart phones, tablets or home computers in the event of unexpected deletion or data loss on client’s own systems or mailboxes. 

Convenient email retrieval
Since it is locally archived, it is extremely easy to retrieve all your calendars, emails, contacts, etc whenever and from wherever you need it from popular email programs like Microsoft Outlook.  Organizations will have no trouble retrieving old emails from Microsoft Outlook, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange and other platforms.

Easy synchronization
Zimbra allows you to synchronize different verticals and departments thus enhancing workers productivity to a great extent. It allows for central collaboration that significantly reduces time lags and provides seamless accessibility to email from different devices.

Zimbra email hosting solutions provided by Go4Hosting facilitate real time collaboration effort with seamless document sharing, editing, quick searching, instant messaging, etc. Its competitively priced and efficient Zimbra hosting plans are easily scalable and can be customised to suit your own specific business requirements.