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Monday, March 21, 2016

A Brief Discussion on PDF Compression

When the Portable Document Format was introduced by Adobe Systems in 1993, the technology world was taken by storm. For once, there was a file that was independent to platform formats. Finally, a file that could be shared regardless of one’s hardware, software, and operating system. The files could be viewed in a universal manner.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PDF Files

In today’s modern society, there are advantages and disadvantages to having a PDF file. It’s ability to hold multi-media elements is one of the portable document’s greatest features. This allows companies to place multiple objects in one file including; pictures, text, graphs, sound bites, and more! With so much ability in one file, there are bound to be some downfalls.

One of PDF’s greatest downfalls is the large amounts of space in which they occupy on a computer. This means that it will take a lot of space on your computer and also will be difficult to transfer from computer to computer through a medium such as email. The length of time to upload such a hefty file would be a pitfall to your work speed. The issue is, PDF claims to be compact and in a way, they are. Despite their file structure, created to keep the file size down, they simply are still bigger than modern equipment is capable of today. There are other types of documents such as word that are able to handle the files and are still able to send easily.Luckily, with today’s current technology, one is able to avoid the headache of a huge file by compressing the PDF file size.
How to Compress PDF Files

The compression of PDF files can be done in a few different ways. The first way being to simply compress the size of the images used in the PDF file. By doing so, it will reduce the size of the file since images typically occupy more space. If this isn’t an option, one can also delete unwanted objects in the file. The main idea is to alter the original PDF to reduce the file size. By having a smaller document, it will be easier and faster to send. If all else fails, one should be able to recreate the PDF file, removing unwanted spaces and redundant information.

The smartest option in compressing files would be to do it online! Websites such as FoxyUtils exist to do the work for you! By using their website, compressing can be done in a snap! All you’ll have to do is upload your file or files through Dropbox, Google Drive, or your own files, select the compression level (Default or Aggressive) and with a click of a button, your PDF file will be compressed!

We are fortunate enough to live in a world where the mundane work can be done for us in a snap. No longer will you be subjected to taking the time to do the tedious work by hand, or spend the money it takes to buy special software for a project you may only have to do once or twice. Now that you have options, use them to your advantage and get your work done quicker!