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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Crop Tops For Women Are Perfect Choice For A Layered Outfit!

Crop tops literally mean tops or shirts which are cropped or shortened. It means that generally these tops are designed in a way that wearing them will make you show your midriff area. Crop tops are generally worn by women and there have been many changes in these tops as wearing them in various ways are the latest fashion trend. Crop tops for women are available in many different fabrics so that you can choose the one according to your requirement. Even women who don’t want to show their midriff can wear these crop tops as creating a layered outfit is also a trend in fashion. This way anyone can use the crop top without any problem. While wearing the crop tops you have to remember some points.

Points to be remembered when you are wearing a crop top

·         Make sure that you are comfortable with the level of skin exposure when you are wearing a crop top. You can decide the length of your crop top thereby decide how much skin you are going to show.

·         Once you have decided the length of the crop top, next comes the fitting of the top. If you are a conservative dresser, then you may prefer crop tops which are loose fitting like baggy crop tops. People who are comfortable wearing form fitting clothes can opt for snug crop tops.

·         The fabric of the crop top is also very important. Some women may prefer sheer, see-through crop tops whereas some women may go for sweater type crop tops or crop tops made of heavy and thick fabric. Thick fabric crop tops for women are better for those women who like loose crop tops as the heavy fabric ensures that the crop top retains its shape.

·         Layering your crop top with garments like button down shirts or open vests will give it an additional dimension and will create a different look.

As it is a fact that crop tops are very casual garments and they can never be part of a formal outfit, however, they can be used to create a smart and classy look. When you are trying for a classy look, you have to remember the fashion mantra” Less is more.” Therefore, the less skin you show, you will look classier. Make sure that you are pairing your crop top with high-waist bottoms, be it jeans, pants or skirts. The base of the crop top should be grazing the waist of your bottom wear so that only a sliver of the stomach is exposed. This way you get a look which is smart and sexy. You have to understand that you don’t have to bare your midriff to the belly button to wear a crop top. You can wear a crop top with overalls which will make it look very casual and you will be only showing your sides from the overalls. There will be no midriff exposure in this outfit.

Crop tops for women can be called as versatile garments as they can be used in many different ways. You can pair a halter crop top with a full-length skirt and you will be able to highlight your narrow shoulders and take away the attention from broad hips. Wearing high waist bottoms is always the best choice as it limits the skin exposure. If you are wearing the crop top at a beach, then you can go for the sheer and see-through crop tops as they will be perfect for catching up some sun and showing off your tanned body. Creating a perfect outfit using crop tops is nothing less than an art as choosing a wrong crop top can and will ruin the effect of an outfit. So it is necessary that you should keep in mind the place and event while choosing the crop top. Accessories like long necklaces and hats and scarves also help in adding layers to your look.