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Monday, March 28, 2016

Google in the News – The Good, the Bad andthe Weird

It is not uncommon to log onto your favorite news website and learn something new about Google. The company is always changing and it seems like they release something innovate every few weeks. Sometimes, the company is hit with good news, but this isn’t always the case. Within the coming weeks, big changes will impact the company and their fans. In order to ensure that you’re prepared for these advancements, you should learn about them below!

Android Exploit

Google is generally a very reliable company and the majority of their products are considered to be safe and very secure. A recently discovered exploit could very well shatter that mindset. Not only has a potential exploit been found with the Android operating system, but also this flaw impacts all Android devices! To make matters even worse, the company admits that they’ll be unable to patch most of the current Android devices. However, they have decided to protect their latest Nexus products.

The company has discovered that rooting apps are capable of exploiting Android devices, by means of a Linux kernel bug. The responsible apps, which have remained unnamed, are currently available on the Google Play Store, as well as on external websites. A company representative admits that these apps could permanent damage the device and making the repair would mean that reflashing the operating system would be a necessity. This could prove to be very problematic for non-tech savvy consumers, who fall prey to these applications.

It should be known that Android devices, which utilize 3.4, 3.10 and 3.14 versions of kernel, are vulnerable. This includes all Nexus devices. Users that have Linux kernel 3.18 or higher do not have anything to worry about.Those that are interested in learning more about this potential flaw need to head over to PocketNow immediately!

Introducing Google’s Project Fi

There are millions of individuals, who travel internationally. A lot of these people want to be able to access the Internet, during their travels. If you fall into these categories, you may want to consider checking out Google’s upcoming Project Fi. This service might not be right for everyone, but it could very well save a lot of consumers an abundance of money. The Project Fi is Google’s foray into the wireless industry.

The company has engineered a highly innovative service, which is capable of determine precisely which network is best at any given point in time. The service will seamlessly switch between the mobile networks, until the user is able to join the best network possible. The service was opened up to the public earlier this month and is much more affordable than the alternatives.

The service will provide users with unlimited calls and texts for a low monthly fee. It is also possible to pay a minute fee for a gigabyte of data. All in all, the service is very likeable and will prove to be enormously beneficial for a lot of consumers.

Enterprise Edition Glass

Google glasses are becoming a very hot ticket item with consumers around the globe trying to get their hands on the next generation Enterprise Edition Glass. Well, it appears that this device has finally found its way to eBay, a very popular auction website that every consumer is familiar with. Someone apparently sold the glasses to a local San Francisco pawnshop, even though Google has yet to release this edition of Google Glass.

Azpawnbroker, the EBay seller is currently accepting bids for the Google Glass, with a current bid of $8,500. The bidding does not end until Wednesday, March 23rd at 8:12 pm and everyone will have to wait to see the final cost of this much-anticipated device. In the product listing, it states that the Google Glass headset is slightly used, but in perfect condition. One must question, if this is Google’s way of drawing attention to their upcoming release or just someone else, who was lucky enough to score one of these hot ticket items.


Google has always led the way and they continue doing just that. Along the way, the company will hit some speed bumps, could be hit with leaks and may be required to patch potential flaws and exploits. Regardless, there is one thing that is certain. Google isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and consumers might as well get used to hearing about the company and their ventures.