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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Top Rated Engineering Exams for all Aspiring Engineers

It is a known fact that in India engineering is considered one of the lucrative careers and each year lakhs and lakhs of students take competitive engineering exams to get a seat in one of their dream colleges. But, the road to your dreams is not always easy. If you want to multinational companies like Google and Amazon or want to do your masters in one of the elite schools in the States, you have to graduate from a premier institute. For that, you need to crack some of the toughest engineering exams. Let us look at some of the top rated exams that aspiring engineers take every year, all around the country. 

JEE Main

In India, this is the most awaited exam for all the aspiring engineers because this is the gateway to all of their dreams. If you nail this exam, you get to study in one of the elite IITs or NITs, depending on your rank. Formerly the JEE Main was used to be referred to as All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE). If you are one of the lucky ones who managed to secure a rank within 1.5 lakh then you get to sit for the next exam JEE Advanced which if cracked will guarantee you a seat in one of the IITs. 

JEE Advanced

The ones, who got through the JEE Main Examination sit for the next level, which is the JEE Advanced. If you think that JEE Mains was tough, wait until you sit for this exam. 1.5 lakh examinees fight for those 10,000 seats and only a lucky few get to study in their dream IIT. In case you do not do well in the JEE Advanced, you always have a fallback option –the NITs. Also, keep in mind that you need to do well in your board marks too because that will be one of the criteria on which you will be judged. 


If you want to study at the Vellore Institute of Technology, you need to take the VITEE exam. Vellore Institute of Technology is considered to be among the top private engineering Colleges in the country, so in case you are appearing for this exam, you should prepare seriously and give it your best shot. . After IITs and NITs, this is one of the best colleges out here. 


For BITSAT, you need to sit for a computer-based test which if you pass, will directly give you an entrance to the next best engineering college after IIT- BITS Pilani. Bits have four campuses situated in Goa, Pilani, Hyderabad and Dubai. Among the four, BITs Pilani is the most well known and its students give tough competition to the IITians and NITians. Remember hat even for this exam, you need to have standard marks in the board exams otherwise; you would not be eligible to sit for it. 


If you are living in the state of West Bengal and do not want to go far away from home, you can always try for the West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam. Securing high marks in this examination will guarantee you a seat in one of the premier engineering colleges in the state. It is probably the only engineering exam in the country where you have to prove your time management more than your intelligence. 


In the eastern part of the country, lays Kalinga Institute of Technology, which is known for being one of the best autonomous engineering colleges in India. To gain admission here, you have to give an online test, which is usually conducted in the summers.

Even if by chance you are not able to crack the JEE Main 2016 this year, if you work hard enough and do not lose hope, you will be able to get through one of the other main colleges in the country.