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Thursday, March 24, 2016

White Hat SEO tips for Baidu

If you want to expand into China then you need to know about Baidu-based SEO, this article will show you some white hats that you can do to improve the visibility of your website in the eyes of Baidu.

Here are some white hats that must be considered when you are dealing with Baidu:

      1. Make your home page is SEO friendly
You should be aware that Baiduspider’s main role is to scan the entire page of the entire website and retrieve information from them smoothly. To facilitate the performance of Baiduspider, you should make sure your homepage can cover most of the navigation to other web pages of your site. The goal is to enable Baiduspider able to crawl to anywhere within your site from this point (your homepage). You must be careful in treating the pictures, as an example in case you minimize their occupation on the homepage of your site. Why do you need to be careful? Because Baiduspider could not detect information from pure images. You need to set the attribute 'ALT' on each image that you use, since this attribute is the only attribute that is recognized by Baidu.
      2. The quality content
Quality content is favored by each search engine, not only by Baidu. However you have to have a different approach with regard to the content when you are dealing with Baidu. You might be able to duplicate on several parts since Baidu prioritize quantity over quality. Try to provide as much content as possible on the topic because this step will increase the visibility of your website in the eyes of Baidu.
      3. Keep attention to site statistics
Site statistics are required to perform standard analysis with a systematic order. This step is necessary to measure the progress of SEO that you have done. By looking at the statistics of your site, you will be better in understanding the actual needs of your visitors.
      4. Baidu Zhidao
Baidu Zhidao is one of the instruments that are very advantageous in marketing with Baidu. You can comment on certain topics and any answer you get can be used as keyword that is easy to find for your visitors. You can adjust the keywords that match the query released by Baidu Zhidao.
      5. SEM
SEO is just one part of SEM that covers various aspects, such as how to increase opportunities of the visitors to click on the target you want. You need to use a description that is easy to understand, for example, an explanation of the discount can be given to the visitors with certain conditions.
     6.  Baidu V
Understand what the meaning of Baidu V? Baidu V means VIP websites that are authenticated. Once you get Baidu V status, your website will look so professional in the eyes of Chinese Internet users. To achieve Baidu V you need to pay some money.
      7. Publish press release combined with SEO
The high quality press release will work well in increasing your website’s rating and trust that will eventually make more visit and leads. You should do SEO on every your press release.

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