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Monday, April 4, 2016

4 Big Web Design Trends You Must Know in 2016

Users like to stay on the website which keeps them engaged and have intriguing designs. Recently, we’ve seen a hike in popularity of ‘Responsive Design’ as more and more sites drive on the way to be mobile-friendly which is also important on Google’s Mobile Friendly Update perspective.

Web Design is a trend that comes and go taking position of the old ones. So, designers need to look around for the hottest and leading styles and get updated with the latest techniques and web designing tools.

For an entrepreneur to augment the business rate, needs to develop an attractive website that catches more and more customers. Great looking website increases the engagement, it’s readability and ultimately productivity. website design Brisbane have analyzed and shortlisted some of the most predictable trends to follow this year. So, get acquainted with the hottest happenings in the world of web design.

Beefing Up UI Patterns: The ‘Responsive’ factor has made many sites look alike and the dawn of wordpress sites and a boom in theme market has brought up more similar websites on the web. Although some of the sites looking similar is not something bad, but it has definitely evoked a lot of common UI design patterns. As the innovation grows, UI patterns need to be more appropriate to give the users a smooth online experience.

There are few patterns you should be familiar with:

ü  The Hamburger Menu
ü  Account Registration
ü  Card Layouts
ü  Long Scroll
ü  Hero Images

Other than this, checkouts, shopping carts and logins will be continued the same way.

Rich Animations: Animations are widely used to make the user experience interactive and entertaining. They can be stick anywhere to entertain and delight users in case of otherwise tedious situations. There are some ways how you should be using animations to present your site’s story:

ü  Loading Animations - Keep them simple and soundless, matching your site’s personality and color palette.
ü  Menus and Navigation - Hidden menus have become popular as they save a large amount of space and look structured.
ü  Hover Animations - As users mouse over content, it gives a more interactive feel to them.
ü  Motion Animation - It is a perfect tool to draw user’s attention.
ü  Background Animation - Should be very peculiar, create a gentle movement of entire image, not distracting the user.

Microinteractions: It happens all around us the whole day from turning off your alarm to liking a post on Facebook and this increases more and more in our apps and devices. Microinteractions are a vital part of any app and help us doing several things. Keeping an eye on 2016 trends, it is recommended to use these microinteractions wisely and humanly not in a robotic way.

Flats will stay still: Flat Designs have proven to be compatible with the trends such as responsive web design, material design and minimalism. This isn’t going away anytime soon. But yes, it is likely that we’ll see the following trends further this year:

ü  Vibrant Colors - Popular frameworks and templates have prompted many to start using vibrant colors to their designs.
ü  Long Shadows - Bring up more depth to flat designs.
ü  Ghost Buttons - Represented as clickable links that change when user hovers them.
ü  Minimalism - Used to minimize number of elements in order to create fresh, uncluttered UI.
ü  Simple Typography - Simple typefaces that help to make sure the text remains readable in flat design.

Trends are the additional tools in your toolbox. So, pick up that suits your need, do not follow the trends because they are the “buzz” thing at the moment. They just represent the popular techniques going around, but choose one that’s best for your users.