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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

GPS Tracking Systems–How it work?

GPS is the abbreviation for Global positioning system. As the name suggest it is used to determine and track the exact location of a moving vehicle or a person. The recorded location data can be either stored or transmitted to a central location database using cellular that is GPRS OR SMS, radio or satellite modem, which is fixed in the Fly GPS.

This technology displays the assets location on a map. This can be done either in real time or when we analyze it later.

  1. Data loggers
  2. Data pushers
  3. Data pullers
Data loggers log the position of the asset at regular intervals in its internal memory. These loggers have either a memory card slot or an internal memory and a USB port. Once you download, you can check the location as per the track log data.

Data pushers push the information to a central server at regular intervals. Information like position, location, altitude, and speed can be analyzed using this device. This is the most common gps tracking device used. This is used for asset, vehicle, and personal tracking.

Data pullers are known are GPS Transponders. These devices are always on and information can be pulled from them as often as required. This is not widely used tracking the GPS system.
If you want to manage your company’s vehicles, protect your business and personal property, keep a close eye on your teenager then tracking the GPS may help you at great lengths. Tracking the GPS systems, provide detailed reports, effective results, accurate position results and more.

Benefits Tracking the GPS
    • One can increase the business productivity as well as the efficiency. Due to its ease of use, the comprehensive reports help us to manage the business effectively. With such information, one can reduce or eliminate the hidden expenses.
    • If your employees are mostly on fieldwork one can have GPS tracking to know the positions and improve their productivity.
    • Tracking the GPS can also be used to track your equipment and asset tracking. This can help to track the location of expensive equipment that you use for your business. This data is necessary for management and billing.
    • Tracking the GPS can protect your assets against theft. With the GPS tracker, one can know the exact location of the asset if stolen.
    • As a parent one can monitor their teen driver, know the location of the vehicle or even you can recover the vehicle which is stolen
    • This device can also be used by parents to know if the child is visiting any unexpected place
    • Place a GPS tracker on a patient with memory loss issues like Alzheimer. In case they are lost.
    • If an arrested person is out on bail, then he or she might have to wear a GOS tracker on his ankle. This is one of the bail conditions. The same rule applies for people who are subject to restraining order