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Friday, April 29, 2016

How To Increase The Website’s Domain Authority

Out of all the important website metrics that you need to be aware of, Domain Authority (commonly referred to as DA) is the most important one. It practically means that you have a high rank and strong traffic.

The authority of the domain name is similar to the authority that a business has in a specific niche. That authority appears in search engines and will offer higher rankings. We already know that tech companies receive grants easier when authority is higher. Just like that, the sites will gain a higher ranking when their authority is higher. Every single site owner needs to use a domain authority checker, monitor authority and consider the following to increase that authority.

Check Technical SEO And Make Sure It Is Proper

You need a strong foundation in order to quickly climb in domain authority. Because of this, you want to be sure that the technical side of on-site SEO is properly taken care of. This actually includes the main core of the DA improvement efforts you will go through. Overall SEO has to be improved in order to improve domain authority.

Create Linkable Content

The site’s content is automatically important and you have to be sure that your content marketing campaign is properly taken care of. This means creating as much linkable content as you can, ranging from high quality researched articles to infographics. Content always drives a business and you need to take the necessary time to create something of a really high value. This is what is going to bring in backlinks for free, without any investment and what will increase domain authority.

Use Strong Internal Linking

While many focus on building the best possible backlinks, it is easy to forget about the internal backlinks. Internal linking is much more important than what many believe. It will make visitors stay longer on the site and search engines will see the pages as being more important, offering more information. Remember that when you have more content, you will have more quality internal linking possibilities so these go hand in hand.

Remove The Toxic Backlinks

While it is quite obvious that there is no site out there that has only good backlinks, when you take the time to remove the toxic backlinks that you identify, you do increase your domain authority. It is important that you do not wait until penalties appear. You have to be sure that you will be able to get the really bad links removed as soon as possible.

Always Be Patient

You cannot increase your domain authority over night. This is something that simply cannot happen. At the same time, the domain age factor does have a really high influence on the authority of a website. If you have an older domain, it will have a higher authority. 

Besides the domain age factor, you also have to understand the fact that domain authority naturally changes in time, at a slower rate than what you want. Patience will always be necessary.