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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Oppo F1 Plus Vs Oppo F1: What's new?

Oppo has launched another new and more impressive ‘Selfie Expert’ from its stable, named as the F1 Plus in the Indian mobile market on 5th of April. The F1 Plus is a more premium and capable option as compared to the affordable Oppo F1. The new mid-ranged smartphone model offers several upgrades over its lesser twin along with a larger screen, more powerful selfie cam, a fingerprint scanner, and better hardware specs.

However, there are similarities between the F1, which launched earlier this year and the just launched F1 Plus as well. Thus, Oppo does not have a new tagline for the new F1 Plus and both the twins go by in the market as "selfie expert". Similar to the F1, the newer F1 Plus is also aimed at the selfie lovers of today who spend a lot of their time trying to click really impressive selfies and posting them on social media sites trying to get maximum amount of likes.

Oppo global VP Sky Li said that good camera and good battery are two primary features, which influence the decision of an Indian consumer while picking a new mobile phone and the new F1 Plus comes with both these two things.

We’ll say not only camera and battery, the new Oppo F1 Plus comes with a lot of good things that should influence a buyer. However, when it comes to pricing, then the F1 Plus is not as attractive as its affordable sibling F1. So, one might get easily confused while taking a pick from these two selfie experts.

Thus, here is a brief look at the Oppo F1 Vs Oppo F1 Plus to figure out the differences between the two and which among these can be more suitable for you as per requirements and budget.

Display & Design
Both the Oppo F1 and the F1 Plus comes with similar design language and boast of metallic design along with plastic back panel. The smartphone siblings look rather premium for their class and are pretty alluring to draw buyers. Both the models are very sleek, styling and light as well and look all the big of a good quality modern smartphone model.

When it comes to the display, then the F1 sports a 5-inch HD display along with the protection of 2.5F Gorilla Glass 4 and 294 ppi of pixel density. In comparison, the new F1 Plus offers a slightly larger display that measures 5.5 inches and offers the same 2.5F Gorilla Glass 4 protection. The F1 Plus also offers a brighter and better quality Full HD display with a higher screen resolution of 401 ppi for crisper and more detailed visuals.

Camera is the primary USP of both the Oppo F1 and F1 Plus, but they are quite different in terms of camera specs. The F1 model offers a 13 MP primary camera at the rear with f/2.2 aperture along with LED flash and an 8 MP front facing secondary shooter equipped with f/2.0 aperture and ¼ inch sensor.

The device’s selfie camera comes with impressive features like Beautify v3.0 tool and technology that brightens the device’s display to work like a flash while clicking a selfie. This makes it deliver great selfies and justify its name of a selfie expert.

On the other hand, the new F1 Plus offers the same 13 MP rear camera at the back, but this can’t be termed as the primary camera as it has lesser MP than the front facing snapper. The rear camera packs in the same LED flash as well.

However, the real difference between the two comes in the form of the selfie camera, which comes with a massive 16 MP along with a 78.1-degree wide-angle lens, f.20 aperture, and PDAF. The other selfie cam features remain the same.

While the Oppo F1 offers very good quality selfies, which are comparable with the selfies of a high-end phone, the Oppo F1 Plus offers even better quality selfies and the difference is noticeable.

Battery life is another key feature in these two smartphone models, and both are empowered by Oppo's VOOC flash charge technology. The Oppo F1 model comes powered by a 2,500-mAh battery along with Super Save Battery feature that can help extend the backup time.

On the other hand, the Oppo F1 Plus draws its juice from a comparatively larger 2,850-mAh battery pack along with the same battery lifesaver option. While the bigger battery should support the larger screen size on the Oppo F1 Plus more than sufficiently, its backup performance over the F1 is yet to be decided.

The Oppo F1 packs in a 64 bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 Octa core processor along with Adreno 405 GPU and the support of 3 GB of RAM. The F1 Plus offers better with a 2GHz Octa core MediaTek Helio P10 MT6755 chipset that is supported by 4 GB of RAM.

The F1 offers 16 GB of inbuilt memory that’s expandable to up to 128 GB. The F1 Plus comes with 64 GB on-board storage that is also expandable. Both the smartphone siblings run on the Android version 5.1 Lollipop that is based on Color OS 3.1. Both also come with 4G LTE support along with dual SIM card support.

Additional feature 
What really sets theOppo F1 and the Oppo F1 Plus apart aside the selfie cam and hardware, is the presence of a fingerprint scanner. The F1 Plus offers an accurate fingerprint scanner that is integrated within the device’s Home button. This important security feature is missing in the F1.

Price-The Oppo F1 is tagged at Rs. 15,990, while the new Oppo F1 Plus has launched at Rs. 26,990.

Wrapping Up-The Oppo F1 Plus is good mid-ranged smartphone model and comes with a lot of improvements over the F1. The Oppo F1 Plus comes loaded with a fingerprint scanner, better quality and bigger display, impressively massive selfie camera, larger battery and better hardware specs.

Nevertheless all these good things come at a price. And, if the difference of a good Rs 10,000 really matters to you, then the Oppo F1 is your pick, otherwise the F1 Plus is a much more premium offering to go for.