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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

SEO: A Boon for Websites

Have you ever wondered how such big pool of information going down till the smallest topic can be found on the search engines? Isn’t it incredible to see how your search for even one word gives you the exact results in the form of websites, images, videos and endless pages? Well, it is a big thank you to one essential internet marketing technique called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Search engines focus on how to deliver results and refer users to their desired content and websites that are highly relevant to their search topics. And so, here comes the purpose of SEO to provide a seamless and great user experience. The main focus of SEO is to drive traffic and grow visibility of the websites in search engines.  The majority of web traffic is driven by the primary method of navigations which are none other than search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! To say, these search engines are like librarians of the internet.   

So how does SEO help the websites? 

Building a website is an easy path, but making it visible to the viewers is tricky. SEO is an effort to ensure that the website is visible and accessible to a search engine. Overlooking the basics of SEO would not only affect the foundation of the website, but also foil the revenue opportunities. It is very important that the website has a thorough but precise content in relation to the business model as this helps the search engines to recognize the information to add in their databases. But along with the keyword strategy, the website should also focus on multi-channel optimization by using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Along with the content, another building block for SEO is code, domains and tags. Having a consistent name for the website, old school domain and title tags, add an extra value to the website material. Moreover, moving from a big screen to mobile and tablet user friendly experience is a great option for the websites, considering the technology advancements, preferences and usage over the years. A rich content, graphics and media compel the search engines to promote the website on the first page instead of the last. These are the best latest practices on which search engines focus and give credibility to. 

These branding efforts create an extraordinary value towards the website and search engines would drive the targeted traffic towards the website providing promotion and revenue like no other marketing technique. Although, SEO may not be applicable and appropriate strategy for every kind of website and instead other marketing techniques like Pay Per Click might be more effective. SEO, however, affects the visibility of the web page in a search engine’s unpaid or organic results.  SEO helps to generate high quality web pages and results to persuade the search engine and improve a website’s conversation rate, hence, giving an exceptional rate of return and publicity to the website. So, investing in SEO is not a bad option. Is it?