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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Top 7 SEO tips to improve your store based on Magento platform

In the past few years, the number of digital shoppers has soar high worldwide. This has been the reason why many future entrepreneurs, as well as traditional stores, started to look for different e-commerce options. It is true that the demand for e-commerce stores are on high, but it simply does not mean that you will find a crowd of customers, just by launching an e-commerce website.

A number of shopping platforms are available in the market, but still, Magento has succeeded to get all the fame due to its usability and less need for optimization. For any store on Magento platform, its success truly depends on the business it does when the visitors who come on the store, buy the products. You can achieve this in many ways, but the best way is to opt for SEO.

In case you are new in the world of e-commerce, this can be a bit tricky for you. But now, you can follow these below mentioned tips to improve SEO of the site and rank better.

1.         Add rich content to the website: Every e-commerce website contains product details and sales information. If you want to rank better compared to others, take your own time to add some good content too. Now enter some keywords in the content that you think can be used by the potential customers to search for the products. You will get a positive reaction for this by the search engines and the customers will land on one of your informative blogposts. This will urge them to shop from your store.

2.         Tell search engines about the pictures: The product pages will contain a number of pictures along with product description. For a better understanding of the pictures, add a title and alt tags to them. A meaningful title will help the customers while a meaningful alt tag will help search engine what the image is all about.

3.         Write unique content for products: Always make sure that every product has a unique description. You can only make a slight difference but that is enough. So try to find out that difference and add it to the content. It can be something related to the size or colour of the product.

4.         Improve user experience with extensions: Apart from keywords, content and meta tags, something else that you need to consider is the user behaviour on your store. What they search and how they behave all counts. So better use Magento extensions on your site. This will help to improve the store, so customers will spend more time going through the pages and shopping. This will help you to control bounce rate. If your visitors find your store interesting, they will help to increase the social media shares and inbound links. Eventually, your SEO ranking will go high.

5.         Use Robots.txt file for better ranking: Every website is indexed by the Robots.txt file. So the information you add to the file helps Google to know what you want it to do. So modify the file in the following way:

     Go to ‘System’
     Choose ‘Configuration’
     Choose ‘design’
     Click on ‘HTML Heads’
      You will see the setting for ‘Default Robots’, now change it to ‘INDEX FOLLOW’

This will make the search engines to follow the link.    

6.         Edit the Meta Fields: Creating a meaningful meta title and description for your store is important. So just like we changed the Robots.txt file, change the Meta fields. You can reach there by following this path - configuration page >> design >> HTML Head. Here you will find meta fields. Now change the default text and add something meaningful. Make sure you add keywords too.

7.         Enable Google Sitemap generation: This is very easy. Go to the configuration page and there you will find settings for Google Sitemap. Now change the setting to enabled, so that it can be generated. Whenever a new product is added to the store, again go to the settings and change it. It will help you to have the updated sitemap.    

So, use these SEO tips and improve the ranking on search engines. This will help to retain customers through better user experience as well as attract potential customers for future sales.

Author Bio: Jack Villiam is a Magento certified developer working in a renowned web development company. He loves to share about Magento and it’s various techniques used for business growth. In this post he shares few advantages of Hire Magento Developers that can be used to develop your business.