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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blogging Lessons From TechCrunch and Mashable

Why blog?

Popular way of communication

Blogging is the latest trend and ideal way of expressing thoughts and ideas and spreading information and news.

Better writer

Writing improves with practice. Blogging will help you become a better writer which will be beneficial while writing a book, drafting a presentation, or formatting a résumé.

Improved thinker

Blogging encourages thinking deeper into the matters of life.

Financial  rewards

Blogging is an interesting hobby that actually pays you back.

Inspiration for others 

Blogs are free for the audience and open to the public. It is a selfless act of service.

Things required:

Two things for creating and updating a Blog are:

Domain Name:

It is a name people use to reach a website or Blog. One can visit any Domain name registrar’s website and register by choosing a domain name that has not been taken already. After registering, its DNS settings need to be adjusted according to your Web Host Server’s DNS setting.

Web Hosting:

A Web hosting company’s server is required to store all data. Many popular and trustworthy Web hosting companies are available and you may choose one for your website. One has to purchase a hosting account with good package and check out its name servers and redirect his/her domain name.
DNS settings requires around 1-2 days to take effect and one can install any CMS and Start working on your Blog.

Lessons for Successful Blogging

Support of good quality SEO

 It is important that the blog supports all features that search engines are looking for in your content, like unique title tags and good meta description tags.

Get figures on performance

To estimate the success of the blog, either the analytics software provided by the blog hosting company can be used, Google Analytics can be installed. WordPress has a Google Analytics plug-in that makes installation comparatively easy.

Automated e-mail updates 

Feedburner and Feedblitz enable visitors to sign up to receive an e-mail when someone posts on the blog and automatically send an e-mail whenever someone posts to your blog.

Download TweetMeme re-tweet counter 

This helps posts get re-tweeted to show their popularity, help people find archived blogs with categories, make it easier to find things on your blog.

Set up RSS Feed 

Readers can read articles without having to visit the site by clicking added links with the help of Feedburner and Feedblitz.

Protection with Captcha 

If you allow comments on your blog, implement Captcha to protect your blog against spam.

Inspect your comments 

Ensure that people who make a comment will be notified when others comment on the same post. Also, you must review the comments to delete any spam on your blog.

Provide a Link

If people like your blog they must be able to connect with you. Enable them to connect with you on Twitter or Facebook.

Niche- decide upon a niche and stick to it.

Regular posting- content needs to be posted frequently.

Create community- popularity of blogs also depends upon the community of readers who visit the site every day, tell their friends about it, tweet about it.

Transparency- maintain transparency to win your readers trust.

 Persistence-  a new blog will not draw immediate attention or money. Be determined and keep blogging and soon the scenario will change.
Originality  maintain an individuality and uniqueness so that the writing reflects your personality. 
Precision –readers prefer a quick glance rather than thorough reading.  Therefore, it is essential to be to the point. 
Catchy Headline – Catchy headings attract attention and create interest to read further.
Interesting – audio, video, graphics have the potential to make the content interesting.