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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Intelligent Call Routing for Beginners

Making international calls has never been easy in India. The various voice mails in various companies have wasted many precious seconds of the day for everyone, everywhere and the wait has gone in vain for most. Using the call routing system has helped this case greatly by helping the clients as well as agents save time and efforts by directing the call to the concerned agent depending on the category of the topic of conversation. The calls are directed according to the categories that they are divided in. This system is mostly used in places where there is a large traffic of calls coming at one time, thus helping in not losing calls and directing most  of them to their destination. 

In some cases, there are specific codes given to the number that the user is calling to simplify the process of routing. This is mostly done in cases of international calls and the codes to be dialled before the actual number are available in directories or in the internet as well. The standard landline or mobile cod is different for every individual device that is in use. There are particular codes used to call landline numbers which are different for every city in India, thus making it easier for the router to figure out which city the caller is dialling to, thus causing no confusion in case of repeated phone numbers in different cities.
Intelligent call routing has many benefits and thus must be put to use by major companies as soon as possible. The benefits include time and money saving for the client as well as agent. These benefits lead to increase in the number of customers because of the user friendly and fast service provided to the users with the help of the intelligent call routing service.
Types of Call Routing Systems
The different types of the call routing systems are-
1)      Round Robin Routing
The Round Robin Routing method includes evenly distributing calls which are usually badly distributed in most companies. This helps in avoiding problems like a particular agent getting a huge number of calls making it difficult to handle for him or her and resulting in loss of calls and another agent getting very less number of calls resulting in a waste of the agent’s time. This method makes sure that all the agents are getting a fair and equal number of calls.
2)      Skill Based Routing
The Skill Based Routing method involves directing calls to the particular agent who is skilled at the particular topic of conversation. Depending on the reason for the users call, the call can be directed to an agent who is responsible for the doubts and queries faced by the users. The company need to segregate their employees or agents based on their skills and specialities and enable them to take their skill related calls only, directing the others to the concerned agent.
3)      Time Based Routing
The Time Based Routing method is used when service is to be provided 24 hours. The calls are routed to the companies or agents who are at work at that particular time of the day. This is mostly used when the service is provided all over the world or nation.