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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The job of the rare gems as Professional SEO content writer

Search Engine Optimization is the elaborated form of SEO, which represents the ranking of company's online content in the web search engine. The SEO content writers create content for the company by using keywords that are trending in the internet which will be ranked highly by the search engines like google, yahoo, bling etc.A SEO content writer have to be precise in presenting a work and the required accuracy must be maintained. Hoax or false references are strictly not used as there is no scope of practicing creative writing in a highly technical based work.

SEO content writers make a portfolio of keywords by conducting research according to the latest trends and they use analytical methods to measure the ranking. Due to the digitalization of the communication now a days the writers may work by staying at home. Although the employers do not usually mention the minimum education qualification for the writers but they must hold a recognized degree. The writers shall have a bachelor degree in English, communication or similar fields. However, the individual shall have a strong grip in grammar and have skills in the areas like technical writing, creative writing, editing and revising. Excellent research skills are must for any content writer, as knowing the exact way to use the authenticated sources is how they earn their credibility in the company. Some companies also look for writers having a marketing background. SEO writers must know the basic programming languages like HTML or XML as many companies employ writers having such background. Employers also look for experienced writers, so, in order to gain experience one can specifically do internship in SEO. It is very important for an aspiring SEO writer to build a professional portfolio.
 For applying in the companies for the post of SEO content writer, one shall be able to show their writing skills manifested in various publications which may include online writing communities or works published in any news paper, magazines or professional blogs. SEO content writers must skillfully acquire the art of applying to the point keywords in their writings which would optimize the ranking of the company's content. Sometimes they must be handed with a list of keywords that are trending but it is the writer's duty to research and to make a list of one's own. The writers shall also be familiar with social media as their works may have social media or blogging components and must be adaptable towards latest technologies. The SEO content writers shall know their job well to deliver meticulous outcomes.The world of knowledge are being explored by the SEO content writers.