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Friday, May 20, 2016

Top 5 picks from Cannon gun safes

It's somewhat nightmarish to think what could happen if your child lays hands on your firearm. Owning licensed firearms is pretty common nowadays, but with that comes a big responsibility, that is of keeping it secured. Buying or owning a gun safe is the best option for the below mentioned reasons:

                    For legalization
For some states in USA, it is mandatory to store firearms inside gun safes; otherwise you can be put behind the bars and could be fined.
                    Child care
Behavior of children is very difficult to predict, they can make anything their toy. If firearms are not kept in gun safe, an accident can occur anytime.
If firearms are kept open, it becomes an easy target for theft. Putting them inside gun safe is the best option.

What makes Cannon gun safes one of the best in the industry?

Cannon is one of the most reputed companies in serving you with the protection for your firearms. They have been in the market since 1965. They have specially designed safes for any need and budget of yours. They have been improving their manufacturing techniques with every passing year and excelling in providing utmost security to its buyers. Whether it's your pistols or your rifles, everything stays protected inside Cannon gun safes. You can browse through their exquisite collection and choose the one that fits your need.

What are criteria you should keep in mind before buying your Cannon gun safe?

Before purchasing your Cannon gun safe, there are few points which should be kept in mind and evaluated. Those key points are explained below for your understanding:

                    Look for the perfect size of gun safe. Measure the height, breadth and depth and ensure that your safe fits where you want to keep.
                    Purchase the gun safe with heavy weight which won't be easily movable. Lightweight safes can be easily looted, making it easy for thieves. Avoid it.
                    Choose between manual and electronic lock types which will be easy for you to maintain.
                    Choose a safe which will have enough space. Select the model with more space if you have a large collection of firearms.
                    All the gun safes are fire resistant, choose the level of protection you need.

These above tips are extremely important in guiding you to buy the best Cannon gun safe.

The top 5 Cannon gun safes for your home security.

Cannon models are designed and built keeping in mind some high level of craftsmanship. They provide lifetime warranty with zero cost involved. They provide hundred percent repair and damage policy if any burglary, flood or fire breaks in. The top five Cannon gun safes are as follows:

1. Commander
It is one high end safe gun models by Cannon.
                    Provides utmost protection.
                    Three layer hard plate included.

2. Scout
It probably falls under the most affordable range of gun safes from the brand Cannon
                    UL type 1 combination lock.
                    Made of 12-gauge steel of high quality.

3. 50th anniversary C50
It provides includes some more security measures.
                    Has plush interiors which is fully upholstered.
                    Door panel are customizable.

4. Cannon 1965
It is a popular option among the gun safes.
                    It is more resistant to fire.
                    Electrical outlets inside.

5. Armory
This series has huge sized Cannon gun safes.
                    Has more capacity.
                    Thick door made of 4” steel.


Not only the series mentioned above but all Cannon gun safe models are built and designed by top experts and professionals. You make up your mind as what do you need in your gun safe and order the one which meets your specifications.