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Monday, May 2, 2016

Wooden pen drives are an eco-friendly approach

A pen drive is the most handy and convenient flash memory device in the recent computer or IT industry. This device is used for transferring the audio, video and/ or both files from one computer to another instantly. The device is named after its’ constitution – the looks or appearance of this is just similar to the small pen which will be easily fit to your pocket or you can carry it anywhere effortlessly. Really, a fascinating innovation by its inventor. It has made the data transferring work so easy that no one could think for earlier it was found.  Sometimes it is called as the jump drive also.

Now, in today’s world when we have got the modified version of pen drives, the manufacturers are introducing the newer styles in its presentation. You can find pen drives that are looks like ball shaped Tom- Jerry Shaped, well-known club’s jersey shaped, geeter shaped, lock and key shaped, doremon shaped, coca cola bottle shaped and many more. Even you will find that there are different manufacturers who are already engaged in manufacturing and the new comers - who are specialized their business to it. The cost of the product is abruptly reduced to a height that anyone can afford now a day.

The new inclusion to the family of pen drive is the wooden pen drive. You will love to use these sleek designed wooden pen drives that are beautifully curved out from general woods collected from the different trees. Firstly the soft and modest wood steam is collected from the jungles and then it is processed and curved out in the factory into small pieces. After that these small pieces are going through different process to make its look and finally customized for the market. Then the small drive or storage devices are place into it and been covered with the smooth part. Then the logo is engraved to its face and makes them ready for the market. These pen drives are most eco friendly flash drives that you should use for your office and personal purposes. 

Almost each of us is doing pen drives in our daily life. How many of us will think to use wooden, better to say, eco friendly storage device than a plastic or metal pen drive. Have you felt ever that the continuous usage of these metallic or plastic pen drives are getting hot and you have the idea that any hot device is radiating heat to its nearest areas. This excess radiation or heat can reduce the life of it. But, in place of wooden pen drives, how long you can use them you can do it without any of this barrier. 

Recently, manufacturers are offering services that are too personalized for your business. You can get the ready wooden pen drives that are with your company name and website. You can engrave the logo also to it. Each of the drives are offered with your pre-loaded brochures, marketing materials, photos, your digital marketing files alongwith the company or product presentation. The logo and other outside designs are imprinted with colors and engraved by the laser.