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Monday, June 27, 2016

5 Bad Habits That You And Your SEO Service Provider Needs To Break Today

The ideal SEO service provider can identify your bad habits and ask you to put a stop to them. There are few bad techniques that many SEO service providing companies don’t even realize that they are making. Yes, some of these techniques were good in the past, but now, they are not! These techniques can actually kill your SEO efforts and can cost loads of traffic loss. Since the internet is changing every now and then, it’s important that you keep up with what works and what doesn’t.

Here are few worst SEO techniques that must be avoided:

Poor Content: Don’t ever put up low quality content! It seems like helpful to have a lot of content, especially for a blog. But, the quality of the content really matters and content should not be a bunch of fluffy information with your targeted keywords thrown in. It should be informative and well thought. So, your SEO service provider must know about such things. The search engines today have successfully deployed filters that weed out the sites that are full of low-quality content and keyword-stuffed contents.

Only put up interesting and useful articles on your website or blog. Use variations of keywords and let them naturally appear.

Duplicate content is really a bad idea! Also, there shouldn’t be too many posts about the same exact topic on your blog/website. Don’t simply rewrite an old post and try to pass them as new posts. Search engines today can detect this well enough and your ranking can get hurt due to this.

Working Without a Plan: When it’s the matter about Internet marketing, planning is a must thing. You should never try any SEO tactic without any specific strategy. Without a plan, all  your efforts will be useless, no matter how hard you worked for it. So, don’t jumpstart into SEO without thinking and defining your strategies and goals and how will you meet them.

Not Using Right Keywords: Many Internet marketers have bad habit of using too many keywords or wrong keywords. As you should always think ahead of time, you should also do keyword research before you start SEO. There are tons of tools that can help you find correct keywords to use. And, it’s fine to test them after you create a list. If you’re looking forward to targeting local customers, you should use location keywords.

Paid Links: About a decade ago, quantity mattered. The more links you build up the better rank you will achieve. But, this all has been changed now. However, just like content quality, the quality of links also matters, not quantity. Now, you have to earn your links, not pay for them. Therefore, offer your users more useful and helpful content that they will be more likely to share with other people. Don’t just pay people to have your link put up on their websites. Better that money should be spent on PPC.

Too Many Press Releases, Not Enough News! It’s astounding that how lots of companies submit press releases over little things. So, you have a business, it’s good. But, is it newsworthy? Millions of people run their own businesses small and big both. Imagine if all these people started putting out press releases here and there to get some links from news channels. Is it worth the time? This is a complete waste of time if you ask me, even the brand comes off as spammy. Therefore, only put out a press release when there is actual ‘REAL NEWS’ that your customers and shareholders will care about.

ENDNOTE: Last but not the least, if you hire SEO service provider, ask for references to your friends or colleagues. Just ensure that it’s someone who does not have a history of doing mistakes.