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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Call Forwarding: The Easiest Way to Connect

Everyone is so engrossed in work that no one has that extra little time to connect to people around them or take their calls. Sometimes when you are busy in some other call, you can see that someone else is calling you but due to lot of work pressure you either miss the call or forget to call back. This attribute provides with the concept of redirecting the calls to your voicemail or landline where you can take your important calls without missing the important messages or feeling sad about not able to take the call.

This feature is called as how to forward calls that helps in connecting you with the people around. It is nothing but a characteristic that enables a user to forward the incoming calls to the virtual numbers provided by the user either on cell phone or landline. They can also apply for the option of diverting their calls onto their voicemails but that can be sometimes hard to check. It is a sort of telephonic service where a customer opts for another number where his calls can be redirected. A person can easily take a call if his actual number is busy on the virtual number provided by him or her. There is no extra charge for redirecting the calls within the specified location but it may cost extra if the calls are made for long distances.
Method to activate this feature:
·         First you have to wait and listen to the dial tone, and then press accordingly.
·         Now wait to hear the stutter dial sound that is followed by the regular dial tone.
·         Now dial the number where you wish your calls to be forwarded.
·         Now when the phone will be answered, it can be by a person or by a voicemail, disconnect the call.
·         The call be forwarded to the virtual number you added.
·         There are various benefits of this feature and they are quite fulfilling.
·         It is one of the best feature and is quite cost effective as it helps in increasing calls and improves sales promotions.
·         It helps in diverting the call to the right locations that helps the business person who is usually travelling for promoting his business.
·         The people who work round the clock, this feature is quite beneficial for them, as they need to make call at any point of time.
·         It helps in keeping the track of the sales.
Call Forwarding is a technique that is essential in today’s world where we hardly have time to connect with anyone.  One can easily forward the calls from the present number to the virtual number where you wish to attend the calls. The two methods to activate this feature are either by the Network Operator Short Code or by the instruction on your mobile phone brand. There is no extra charge taken to setup this technique, but it may be according to the calls you incur per minute. The cost of forwarding the calls may depend upon the service provider of your connection. You can find about the cost from your service provider.