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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Important Features of VoIP

Many of the business companies have started using VoIP systems at this very point of time because this system has a numbers of benefits. There are many features which this system provides, like the option of voicemail, calls can also be forwarded. These small features may not be huge, but are very beneficial for a business. Apart from these, there are many others, they are as follows:-

  1. Integration of the Door-This VoIP helps in the integration of the analog door, which means that it allows two way calls which a person can make with all its visitors and if those visitors seem worthy, then the door can be unlocked from the phones. Through this the safety for the company would be upgraded.
  2. Find and Follow-This feature would be loved by the people who work through mobile. With the help of this, a list would be created with all the numbers, which can be easily found before its gets forwarded in to the voicemail. Let us understand this situation with the help of an example. There may arise a situation that a call is coming and it has ringed almost on the office phone, when the third ring would start, at that very time the phone of the person would ring. Finally the phone which is at home would start ringing at the fifth call. After all this, when the entire list comes to an end, then it is in the voicemail that the calls are sent.
  3. Voicemail to Texts-With this transcription, all the messages in the voice mails are converted into the texts and are further transferred to the assigned emails. Now, one doesn’t have to search for names and numbers as this would solve this problem very easily. One can read these at his or her free time whenever they wish to. If this wasn’t there, then a person won’t be able to organize the data or the delete the one which isn’t actually needed anymore.
  4. Music while the call is on hold-There are many times that the callers are put on the hold. At this very time, this feature turns out to be best. The callers get bored with the same boring music, which can at times turn worse with the silence. With the help of this feature, music can be allowed to play, so that the called doesn’t get bored.
  5. The Screening of the call-This is the best feature of VoIP. When a call comes, then with the help of this feature, one can look for the number with the help of caller ID. Now, it is up to the person as to how he wants to treat the caller. The example to this would be that if your family member is calling, then the person can immediately redirect that number to his or her cell phone very easily. Or there may come a point when unwanted people keep on calling, then simply what one can do is to disconnect the call.
  6. Automatic attendant-The VoIP has the best and the hidden feature that the calls would be attended automatically with the help of a recorded voice. The callers can choose the option of their own wish and will and would interact with a recorded voice.