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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Consumer Attraction To Video Advertising

In recent years, marketing with video on the Internet has dramatically increased in popularity. When compared to written text, a response by consumers that is four times more powerful has been determined when people view a video. Even though this information is very well-known, video as an advertising option is often woefully neglected by many companies. In order to increase their list of clients and boost their profits, these businesses must more fully appreciate video's appeal.

Three Reasons Why Consumers Are Attracted To Video

1.Videos are more relatable.

When humans beings make evaluations, they rely on their most well-developed sense: Vision. Our emotions and our other senses are more engaged when we see something. This is the reason why, when compared to other types of communication, we are more likely to respond or relate to a video than we are to the same text. An individual's trust in a product or brand increases once an emotional connection is established and videos can powerfully connect on an emotional level. When compared to something that has been read or heard, people are more likely to recall and connect with something they see.

2. Videos are less time consuming and more convenient.

It seems that everyone is always in a hurry in today's modern society. We are always pressed for time and are looking for the easiest and quickest way to complete the tasks of daily life. To get through the day, people often find themselves multi-tasking which is a major reason why videos are so important when promoting a company. While watching a video, people can also be doing something else, but still get the message you are trying to deliver. It takes less time to watch a video than it does to read through an article. In under half the time, the same message can be delivered. Consumers want access to information that is relayed in a rapid manner. In addition, focusing for extended periods of time is more difficult as attention spans steadily decrease. We won't be able to process information unless the information is quickly shared.

3. Advances in technology make video a viable option.

Now that the Internet is available to the average consumer, it's important to use this fact to your advantage. On small screens where the text is difficult to see and requires a great deal of scrolling, it makes more sense to view a video. In addition, most people are now addicted to social media. We have the ability to share interesting content with our followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Since the aim of every post should be to get more likes, it makes sense to share something that people are most likely to watch and share. Some of our followers might find that the videos we post are helpful to them. Videos are an ideal method for advertising a product or business because they satisfy our human need for the visual. Videos work because they create a deeper customer connection to a brand which is the best type of marketing you can find.