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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Various Advantages and Uses of Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone number is exactly like other phone numbers and its important feature is that the virtual phone number is not connected to just one phone. It is very good as whenever someone will call you on your number, so you are the one who will decide upon the settings which you have done. One can also answer with a message or greeting that is pre – recorded and it also forwards your calls to any phone which depends on any day of a week or on any time of the day. The virtual phone numbers are also programmed to forward the calls which are incoming to the phone to the other number which client chooses it. These numbers are also known as following me number or in U.K, they are called personal number. This is a type of gateway between VOIP and PSTN (traditional calls).

Use of Virtual Phone Numbers:
  • In businesses – any company which is situated in china can also have a number in London or Los Angeles by not paying anything for the foreign exchange line. The popularity of the virtual numbers is more in the call centres which are situated in just one country or in more than one country where time zones are different.
  • Users – for virtual numbers which are international, their popular users are travellers and migrants who like that whenever their friends or their family wants to contact them when they get back home can by using the local call.
  • Marketing campaigns – virtual numbers are also used by the companies for various campaigns of marketing or different channels. The tracking is also done with the help of this like which channel or campaign is bringing the traffic.
  • Services – in order to tie with other services  of virtual, those who provide the virtual business services ( virtual receptionist ,virtual address and virtual office )
The virtual numbers are easily available in every area code like in Canada or United States. The help these numbers provide are that one can project a neighbourly vibe by earning the audience trust. The most important thing is that the more help is to those businesses which depend on local community like insurance, real estate and medical. Moreover, an offer is given to you to choose and select the area code (toll free) as cloud number.
The virtual phone number also does not require any software or hardware to start. When you pick it and set the number online, it will be ready to use. The faxes cal also is received by the virtual phone number which are online stored which can also be forwarded by e-mail, PDF or to machine of physical fax. The faxes can also be sent by uploading documents which one wants to fax. The users of the virtual phone numbers need not purchase any hardware of software for it. It forwards all the calls which are incoming to any number which is pre-set.