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Monday, June 13, 2016

Who needs a Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric tests are considered to measure a person’s intellectual capabilities for thinking, reasoning, and severalfeatures of his personality. They are a fast, and suitable way to get an idea of which specific personality group an individual falls into, in terms of skill sets, ambitions and objectives.

These Psychometrictests include aptitude/ability tests, interest questionnaires and personality assessments. Situational judgement tests too are increasing in popularity and are used as an initial screening method for the employersin the selection of employees and for confused and undecided students to make a right career choices. Students can make assumptions about their abilities towards a career but psychometric testing can reveal unpredicted results that open new career choices.

These tests are used by career counsellors, career advisers, students, employees at entry-level, managerial level and employees due for promotions. People need to consider their own talents and personal style while making career choices, so career advisers are also frequent users of these tests.Whether it is a change in career or taking up a different career or for choosing the stream after high school, psychometric tests suggestthe accurate path for students. Though the decision cannot be based exclusively on these tests, these are much unbiased and thoroughly objective. They can direct one towards the right direction or pull away from a not-so-suitable one. They not only expose new options which may not have been apparent to the student before but also help in strengthening a decision or an idea already in place.They also showcase the weaknesses which could be improved upon. 

Large, medium, and an increasing number of small firms use psychometric tests.These tests are also used placement companies, career advisory firms, and human resources of corporate to check if the addition of the individual to a specific career or job is worth. These tests are also often used by school and college students to gain clarity about the career most suitable for them that would help them reach success.Psychometric tests are commonly used in Business schools, in engineering institutions, and in some Universities. Besides, they are also regularly used to select students for short-term programmes for technical diplomas.

Over 70 % of larger companies are currently using psychometric tests to gather important information from current and would-be employees while many others use the tests for filtering out candidates when there are large numbers of applicants. Psychometric tests emphasis on certain aspects of an individual’s knowledge, such as verbal/numerical reasoning, personality traits, and other abilities assessment.Employers need this sort of information when they want to recruit a new employee or understand the potential and development needs of an existing one. In the current scenario where an employer receives thousands of applications for a single position, questionnaires and tests provides a practical way to assess large number of people and recognize the best prospects and decide tocontinue or not with further assessment. In the absence of such helpful tests, a recruiter would be losing valuable time just by routinely going through the applicant’s CVs.A huge section of the large companies use them in their recruitment process while small companies are using them gradually too. The tests are also used to measure existing employees fortraining and staff development needs. Interestingly these tests will also help companies guard against legal challenges to HR decisions, which otherwise might end up in costly court cases. Psychometric test results are strong evidence in court, and using them will ensure that you are being impartial, building a positive and a motivated organisation.

In summary, Psychometric tests are useful for students for knowing themselves and helping them pursue them dream careers and lead a successful life. They are useful for employers, where Psychometric testing could help to measure the future performance of a potential employeeby making successful hiring decisions.Psychometric tests also cutstaff turnover, identify talent, create a more efficient organisation and also help to significantly reduce the hiring manager’s workload. Though there’s some debate over the importance of psychometric testing, those who use it trust that they can give a more unbiasedoutline of a candidate’s character, strengths, weaknesses and working style. However, it should be remembered that, a psychometric test should never be used in isolation, but only as amodule of a broader, integrated assessment strategy.

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