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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Search engine optimization, according to Search Engine Reputation Management is the process of inflating and manipulating the search result rankings of a web result. Frequently, the higher the search result is ranked (ideally the first page of Google search results), the more web visitors it will get.

The issue or benefit of being on the first page of Google search results (depending on your point of view), is that it is an endless circle. This is not beneficial for other results that are trying to push the first page nor is it beneficial for people that are trying to get off the first page.

Since 98% of people remain on the first page of Google searches, it is important to consider that you as an individual or company are completely visible. Only 2% of people go to the second page therefore a lot of the clicks are allocated to the first page.

It is hard for those results to be influenced of changed when that high of a percentage of people are clicking on only the first page results. That leaves them there because Google’s algorithm thinks it is relevant since it keeps getting clicks. This is Search Reputation Engine Management’s main issue today.

The company is having trouble fighting the online status-quo. More importantly, they are having difficulty making people understand that there is relevant information on the following pages of Google.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be used target many different kinds of search engines like Bing and Yahoo. It is also applicable to different content online like local searches, video searches, image searches, map searches, academic or scholarly searches, and the list goes on.

What is important to consider is that Search Engine Reputation Management offers more than SEO. They offer services such as reverse SEO, where they surprise results rather than optimize results. More recently, they have expanded into social media marketing and maintenance to accommodate a larger market.

The innovative company is ramping up this summer a new business plan that will be clearer and more attractive to their markets. The cooperate world is in need of Search Engine Reputation Management as some companies are losing sales and opportunities because of their poor online reputation. It is time to get on board!