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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Recover lost contacts on Android

We all know that today a huge share on mobile phone market in the world has been occupied by Android phones. The reason for this large share is the huge amount of feature that Android phones offer. Many leading mobile phone manufacturers today use Android as their operating system. With this entire said Android phone do have certain drawbacks. One of the most serious threats that loom over an Android phone is when Android users lose their contacts. Contacts are the most important thing in any phone and it becomes very difficult at times to restore them. If you have lost contacts on your Android phone, don’t worry. In this post we have provided some quick solutions to get your contacts back.

One of the easiest ways to search lost contacts is to look in your phone itself. Just follow these simple steps.

·         First open Contacts.
·         Click on the menu.
·         Click Settings followed by clicking Contacts.
·         Open Contacts to display.
·         You will see the list of the contacts your phone is going to display.
·         Tap All contacts and all the contacts from your apps will be displayed in Contacts list.

This was the simplest way that often helps people but sometimes the problem is bigger. Even after the above methods you don’t see your contacts don’t worry yet. We will explain some other methods for you in this post. Meanwhile, if you use whatsapp then you might want to check these cool whatsapp group names for family, cousins and friends .

Recover contacts through Gmail:
You can save all your contacts on Gmail. Gmail accounts have a special feature that can restore your contacts. For this first sync your Android device and then just follow the steps mentioned below.
·         Log into your Gmail inbox.
·         Search the drop-down menu called Mail.
·         Click Mail option and select Contacts.
·         You will get the custom restore oflast 30 days on your Gmail.
·         All contacts added before this will be recovered.
·         Contact added after this will be lost.
·         After finishing just resync your Android.
·         Go to Settings to resync again.
·         In account tap the Sync nowbutton.
·         Click it your contacts will return.

Backup your data:
Best way to keep your data safe is to keep taking a backup of it. Taking a backup through Google is a good way. So you can backup your data by these steps.
·         Open Settings and click Backup and reset.
·         Adjust the settings for data backup.
·         You will account below Backup account setting.

If you are still not able to get your contacts back then you can restore contacts on your Android phone with Android Data Recovery. Android Data Recovery allows in recoveringlost contacts directly from Android or SIM card on Android phones. First download this program on your computer or laptop and then follow steps given below.

1.Installing Android Data Recovery:
The first step is installing and launching the Android Data Recovery program on your Laptop or Mac Computer.
2.Connect Android and enable USB debugging:
After successfully installing theprogram connect Android phone to computer. Now enable USB debugging on your Android phone with the following steps.
·         For Android 4.2 or newer: Open ‘Settings’ > Click ‘About Phone’ > Tap ‘Build number’ for getting a note ‘You are under developer mode’>return to ‘Settings’ > Click ‘Developer options’ > Check ‘USB debugging’
·         For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Open ‘Settings’ > Click ‘Developer options’ > Check ‘USB debugging’
·          For Android 2.3 or earlier: Open ‘Settings’ > Click ‘Applications’ > Click ‘Development’ > Check ‘USB debugging’
Now choose Android contacts by clicking "Contacts" because it takes less time to scan only contactsthanscanning whole data. 

3.Scan Android:
Now you notice that the computer has detected your device. This means your phone is connected to computer.Just wait for a few seconds for the software to check your Android device. Click on "Allow" button in the window that will appear. This will scan your Androiddevice.

4. Preview and restore contacts:
The program will remind you to stop the scan once all contacts and messages have been scanned. Now you will get the contacts in the scan result. You select the specific contacts that you want to recover.

These were the easiest ways to recover lost contacts on Android. We hope that these certainly help in getting back your data and lost contacts. This article proves immensely useful since Android occupies a huge share of the mobile market today.