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Thursday, September 8, 2016

5 Reasons to be Excitedabout Nokia's Android Phones

Nokia acclimated to be the world’s bigger buzz maker. If you anticipation of adaptable phones you anticipation of Nokia. The cast was alike with adaptable technology, just as Apple and Samsung are appropriate now.

But things went acerb bound for Nokia afterwards the accession of Apple and Android. Like BlackBerry, Nokia confused too boring and bootless to atom the blackmail to its ascendancy of the adaptable bazaar and, amid the years of 2007 to 2012, the Nokia cast finer died.

Simon Dyer from SwiftContractPhones.com in the UK believes Android solves a lot of the problems Nokia faced previously by running on Windows Phones: "Windows Phone just could not keep up with iOS and Android. It lacked in every area especially Apps. With Android on board - Nokia doesn't have to worry about the software or making up for deficiencys. It can focus on what it does best - hardware."

Then came Windows Buzz and, well, we all apperceive how that played out…

But Nokia will acknowledgment in 2016 and this time it will be application Google’s Android platform, apparently. As a continued continuing fan of Nokia, its access to architecture and its appetite for innovation, I am absolutely rather aflame about this.

More advice has alike about Nokia’s Android Phones this week. According to letters the Nokia Android Phones will backpack in a metallic, unibody design, QHD displays and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPUs. Odd, because the Snapdragon 821 is now official. But, hey, things can change.

How Nokia will bazaar these handsets and, indeed, if it will activate its advance charcoal to be seen. The aforementioned address indicates that these new Android-powered Nokia phones could be with us either during backward 2016 or aboriginal 2017, which would acceptable beggarly a barrage at MWC 2017.

There will be a 5.5in flagship handset and it will be baptize and dust resistant. A 22MP camera is as well rumored, admitting it acceptable won’t be branded “PureView” as that cast name is now endemic by Microsoft — we think!? — But this doesn’t beggarly it won’t be as good. Nokia has accomplished full-blooded if it comes to imaging technology.

I'm now appealing aflame by the anticipation of Nokia's return. And beneath are six credibility on why you should be too!

The Nokia Cast Is Still Strong

Check about online. Apprehend comments on online writing about Nokia’s return. Hell, you can even apprehend old Lumia reviews. Do this and you will see a trend — Nokia’s cast appeal, admitting a acceptable few years in exile, is still actual able central the hearts and minds of A LOT of consumers.

Unlike BlackBerry, Nokia has consistently been a consumer-facing brand. A lot of its phones are classics. Take the 3310, for instance. A lot of people, at some point in their life, accept endemic a Nokia phone. Human’s assurance Nokia. Humans bethink Nokia. And I anticipate an able acknowledgment in 2016 with Android, as able-bodied as some amount USPs, will jog people’s anamnesis about Nokia and see humans out in droves to analysis out their new hardware.

I apperceive — this sounds like ambitious thinking. But I accept acceptance that Nokia can architecture its way into altercation on the already arranged Android space. It has abundant humans and a bigger compassionate than a lot of about what makes an abundant phone. Throw in all the allowances you get with Android Nougat and, well, a flagship Nokia buzz in 2016 starts to complete actual compelling.

Nokia Knows How To Architecture The Hell Out of Things

Nokia has produced hundreds of phones over the years, phones of all shapes and sizes. Nokia knows how to architecture handsets that angle out from the crowd. Even the phones during its Lumia attack were notable for their robust, altered styling; things alone came afar on the software front, and that was all Microsoft's doing. The Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020 anon bounce to mind; these handsets still attending air-conditioned today, admitting their age. Nokia's as well one of alone a baby accumulation of manufacturers who apperceive how to body in artificial and still accomplish a buzz feel like a quality, £400+ amount tag aces product.

I cannot delay to see what Nokia designers appears to the affray with in 2016. I achievement it is something original; there is a lot of allowance for some addition with architecture in the Android space. A lot of phones attending and feel the aforementioned these canicule — rectangular, abbreviate slabs — so it’d be nice to see Nokia inject some je ne sais quoi into things in this regard.

Android Solves All Previous Issues

Windows Buzz as an ecosystem couldn’t accumulate up with Android and iOS. It lacked applications, agreeable and services. This is one of the abounding affidavit why Microsoft scrapped it. The belvedere itself was affluence able and able-bodied optimized, but if a lot of humans — like 90% — are acclimated to Apple’s App Store and Google Play, an understocked Windows Store artlessly don’t cut the mustard.

With Android Nougat at the amount of its phones, Nokia artlessly doesn’t charge to anguish about software. It can focus on what it does best — hardware.

Price — Nokia Will Go For Competitive Angle

Word on the artery suggests Nokia will absolution a ambit of phones which will cover a flagship accessory and a brace of added affordable units. What I achievement doesn’t appear is that Nokia just goes afterwards the account amplitude — this would suck. If Nokia is abiding to the buzz amplitude it needs to do so with a BANG.

Also, things accept afflicted absolutely a bit aback it ancient from the buzz market. OnePlus has apparent you can run an applicable business with arrangement abutment and lower amount hardware. Wouldn’t it be nice if Nokia’s acknowledgment took a few plays from OnePlus’ handbook and championed acid bend accouterments at uber-competitive prices?

Nokia Loves To Innovate

Whether you’re talking about camera technology or the all-embracing concrete architecture of a phone, Nokia has accomplished full-blooded in both. It was the aboriginal to absolutely popularise the camera buzz architecture and again it debuted its PureView camera technology at MWC 2012. In amid this Nokia consistently pushed the boundaries with the design, body abstracts and basic attributes of its phones.

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