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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Website Designing - A New Fad in Town

With increased internet traffic in India, web designing is gaining ground. The webpage is actually a window through which you can peek into the workings of a company. It allows you to know about the different services that the company is offering. A well-prepared web page is not only visually attractive, but also easy to use. It is important to know about the background of the company and the instructions of your clients clearly before putting your hand in building a webpage for them.

New companies with limited resources have simple looking webpages with little multimedia contents. Whereas, big companies create high-quality webpages to trumpet their achievements as well as advertise their services in an easy but attractive manner. While most of the webpages are designed to carry information about the company or institute it represents, it is the way that the page conveys the message makes it interesting.

Earlier it was through texts only, but slowly graphic designs, sound, animations have come to play a big part in creating a web page. Now most of the websites allow you to interact with it, thereby improving the user experience manifold.

To build a website you should have a thorough knowledge of web based languages like CSS, HTML or JavaScript. These languages help you to build the website that can be accessed over the Internet. However, for making the website look good you need another set of languages like python, PHP, SQL and C among many others to include attractive graphics, animations or sound to make the website more interactive. To make such an intricate web page which is heavy on resources, we need the help of specialised people who complement each other’s work to create a beautiful looking webpage.

If we broke down the job profile of website developers, we find that we need web developers, web designers, graphic designers, marketing specialists, SEO writers, internet copywriters and interface designers.

While developing a website, we have to focus on the page layout for which typography and colour selection become very important. In addition, it is to be seen that the web page is centrally aligned and all the animations are working properly and are in sync with the overall design architecture. It should also be tested to see that the language codes are W3 compatible or not. All the tabs should be neatly labelled and well laid out.

The web page should be clear and concise. It should tell the viewer what it is offering to the public in such a way that it keeps them engaged with the site for a longer period. To improve the viewer's experience, it should have pictures of the product it is offering to sell. The website should have information about the company and its contact number displayed prominently on the web page.

The website can also have a customer section where the user of that site can share their experience with other users. This will give the company a great feedback as what to keep, what to improve and what part of the web page to discard.

In the last decade, Website design companies in India have flourished so well...  And going by expert’s assessments the future looks rosy for further growth. The other important thing while designing the webpage is to worry about marketing it properly for which we need good content that can be marketed easily. For this job, SEO experts, content writers and marketing experts work closely together.

SEO experts find out the most searched words on the internet and thereby produce certain keywords that the article writer incorporates in his writing. It makes the job of the marketing specialists easier to then promote it through various search engines.