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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Herolocity Review: Does Herolocity Really Connect Your Entire Business?

With Automate365, Herolocity aims to connect the entire business mechanism with the company’s website and at the same time allows the user to benefit from more than 100 web applications and change the course of daily business operations. The aim is to work in a way that maximizes overall efficiency, minimizes cost and increases revenue. Getting started with Automate365 is fairly easy, regardless of where the website is created or hosted. All you need to do is copy and paste a single line of code on your website after which you can log in and start using the free business apps. 

What is more interesting is the fact that all these applications can be used at absolutely zero cost. There are no additional costs, and Herolocity only charges 3% for each business transaction.Every website application on the 365 platform is designed to update automatically without interrupting the user with regular upgrade requests and popup. Furthermore, it doesn’t even require manual upgrading and with the introduction of additional features, the apps are updated for the purpose of streamlining their users’ operations.

The Real Question: How Effective Is Herolocity In Connecting The Entire Business?

While every business will have a different aim in focus, most businesses work towards increased revenue and profits. However, it may not always be easy since juggling the day’s workflows and activities can become overwhelming, leading to lost focus and an ineffective business strategy. Of course, many other internal and external factors greatly contribute to the business’s earnings but here, Herolocity’s Automate365 comes in. It offers business automation so the business functions can be carried out in harmony and core practices can be prioritized. 

The evident aim here is to help users acquire new customers and enhance their products or services so everyone can benefit: the owners and employees. If the company takes the regular approach and acquires applications that assist with their online payments, support, bookkeeping, newsletter, online store and so forth, they will have to deal with different products and through different platforms which makes understanding what is going on in the business rather difficult. Moreover, these apps usually do not sync with each other and thus are not supportive of a potential outcome.

For instance, when closing a purchase, Automate365 comes to the rescue, a free-of-charge business operating system that consists of more than 100 website applications that are intertwined and therefore work together smoothly to ensure efficient results. Your invoicing, newsletter, support system, HR, CRM, shopping cart, bookkeeping and any other required business application come under one canopied platform where all the website applications are 100% free.

How You Can Use Business Website Applications to Automate Your Business

As mentioned above, getting started with Automate365 is absolutely free. However, for a better understanding,go over this Herolocity review regarding using the applications to automate your business.Let’s assume for the time being that you are using different business applications with different providers, all in separate locations with separate analytics, management and costs. Chances are none of them will be integrated and therefore their mechanism won’t be synced and will be all over the place. 

Regardless of the industry you are operating in, you are probably going to need the following applications:

·         An appointment scheduler
·         Online payments
·         Phone system
·         Email Marketing (Emails)
·         Support system
·         Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

After you setup the applications in one click or transfer data from your present applications with Herolocity’s migration tool, you can sync the applications with each other through a number of ways.

Cloud Phone

The following scenario answers the question and explains how effective Automate365 is in connecting the entire business.

When a client calls, the cloud phone application automatically collects the calling customer’s details like his account, services/products, last activities on the newsletter, their next scheduled appointment, currently bought items, support tickets and any other information needed for the representative to help the customer out. Besides that, based on the complete analytics of the customer, the application will provide a suggestion for the representative on screen, for example “Up sell this particular product”, “Recommend a purchase”, or “Suggest this add-on.” 

This is one area where most businesses lack efficiency and where bigger companies are firming their grounds. They preserve the relevant information that may come in handy in assisting the customer, either by answering their questions or solving their concerns, and are therefore able to score more points and secure a better outcome. The customer returns satisfied and the chances of the customer returning to your business are greater.