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Friday, October 14, 2016

Life Lock vs. Identity Guard: Who Will You Go For To Avoid Identity Theft?

No one is immune to identity theft incidences in the United States. In fact, statistics states that 1 in every 15 people becomes victims of identity theft every year. It becomes a serious problem when a person is not aware of what to do to either minimize the damages caused after an event of identity theft. Moreover, identity theft protection is not only meant for the victims of fraud, but also potential individuals that becomes a matter of concern for everyone. The pain, stress, and trauma that come with identity theft become our major drive in seeking for identity protection service. Prevention is better than cure, but who does it the best? Where can you choose to go and feel safe with identity theft protection?

Identity theft protection services have attracted diverse Companies in the industry. However, the positive consumer ratings towards their service providers reflect the quality and value of services they receive. Life Lock and Identity Guard are both identity theft protection service providers, but their key operation differences are what matters for prior deciding who you go for and why?

·         Service guarantee vs. insurance plan

·         LifeLock’s package consists of $1 million service guarantee while Identity Guard’s packages include a $1million ID theft insurance plan. The key difference between a service guarantee and an insurance plan is critical since identity theft is an expensive ordeal that calls the need to cover you from those expenses. 

·         What is a service guarantee?

Using the LifeLock’s packages involves one to comply with all their service terms, including the payment for all necessary fees to get a $1 million service guarantee. LifeLock can then cover all the associated expenses in the event of identity theft up to $1 million. Nevertheless, the service guarantee only works when you prove that the Life Lock’s system failed.

·         What is an identity theft insurance plan?

Identity Guard’s insurance plan has no coverage limitation when identity theft issue occurs when you are member, no matter what. As an Identity Guard member, you get $1 million identity theft insurance to reimburse for expenses incurred when recovering your identity.

·         Life Lock vs. Identity Guard’s: who is better?

Compared to all the packages offered, Identity Guard charges per month are less than the Life Lock. In terms of common complaints, Life Lock suffers from poor customer service and unwillingness to cancel the amount. However, Identity Guard suffers from billing problems and issues to logging into account. Although both companies are good options for identity theft protection, Identity Guard proves a sense of safety for you when taking into account the cost and insurance plan.