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Friday, November 18, 2016

4 Tips For Getting More Spotify Plays

Artist on Spotify have a financial incentive to get as many plays as possible on their tracks ever single month. If you are not a musician that uses Spotify to share your music or if you are unfamiliar with how Spotify works let me explain. Spotify has a library containing millions of songs that get streamed to their subscribers.

All Spotify subscribers pay a monthly subscription, which is extremely cheap by the way considering all the music you have access to, and the artist get paid every time people listen to their music.

The artist or right’s owner is paid a royalty for each of these plays. Royalties do have some requirements though. For instance, listeners are required to listen to at least 30 seconds of a song for it to count as a play. Unfortunately, the play counters that you see in Spotify are not updated in real time, and while we are on this not now one really knows how or when the play counters are updated. But the important thing is that Spotify tracks all these plays and compensated artist every month.

As an artist who wants to earn more each month from Spotify you need to become popular and get your music played constantly. But if you are a new or not well known musician this can be difficult, so I’m going to discuss my strategy for getting more Spotify plays.

#1 – Fan Pages

If you don’t already have social media fan pages setup you need to get on that as soon as possible. The idea is to connect with fans and introduce your music to as many people as possible which makes social media the perfect solution. But if you want to get paid for your music I suggest limiting anything available on YouTube or SoundCloud to samples. For example, if you have a five minute track maybe only use the first minute and half. This way people can hear a sample of your music and then you can direct them to Spotify to play the entire song.

#2 – Go Old School

Start contacting local DJ’s and radio networks and provide them with a sample of your music. Who knows maybe you will get lucky and they will play a track or give you a sound bite.

#3 – Hire Someone To Promote Your Music

Hiring a company to promote your music is a great way to get more Spotify plays and there are cost effective services available. I highly recommend Mass Media+, it’s the service that I use regularly to get more plays on my tracks.

This company offers packages for less than $10 for 1,000 plays. Of course, there are larger packages available and the cost per play does decrease when you purchase more plays. They provide real Spotify plays that are eligible for royalties, so you do earn money for the people listening to your music. Also, from what I’ve seen most of the listeners are from the United States too.

#4 – Fans

Reach out to your fans and encourage them to share your music with their friends. This works great on social media especially if you offer some sort of incentive or event.

Finding new ways to get more listeners and plays on Spotify can be challenging, but if you are willing to put in the time and effort to find a strategy that works for you it will be worth it in the long run. Becoming popular overnight does not happen for 99% of the musicians on Spotify.

Just be patient and continue producing that sweet beautiful music that will keep listeners playing your songs.