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Monday, November 21, 2016

How CDN Helps to Grow Business?

Doing business often means earning money by selling something. For instance, you may sell certain types of goods or services both in a real life and via the internet. When you use an internet resource as a platform for selling something, you need to be sure that the people who visit your website would get interested in your goods and services and, finally, would buy something from you. You need a catching design, an awesome content and excellent web performance.

Today, we’re going to speak about web performance and how it, actually, influences your business.

What is CDN and How Does It Work?

When you sell things online, you have to do your best to make your site or online store really unique and user friendly. Your visitors won’t become your buyers even if you use a complicated design for your web resource or your content is unique but it takes too much time for downloading.

Battling a poor web performance may become a real pain for those online merchants who aren’t familiar with CDN. So what is this and how does it work?

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a network of service located in various countries of the world. Each server may potentially store a copy of your web content (images, files, scripts, etc.) and provide it to the site visitors within its location very quickly. The servers are housed in POPs (points of presence): these are data centers distributed around the world.

The CDN makes a copy of your content and pastes it in each of its POPs. When a final user opens or surfs your website, the data is served from the nearest geographically located POP to the requester.

This is how CDN may speed your website make your online business grow. Just try a CDN trial to understand how it really works and understand whether you need it or not.

Other Benefits of Using a CDN to Grow Your Business
Once you’ve decided to try CDN to speed up your website, be ready to get a great number of other benefits, including:
  • Global reach (visitors around the world will be able to access your content at a high speed);
  • Less latency (the presence POP in a certain geographic area is able to lower your latency as the packets of information are sent and received quicker);
  • Lower network load (CDN is able to redirect visitors to edge servers and balance network load);
  • Increased reliability (Live streaming videos broadcasted with the help of CDN are more reliable in regards to operators delivering HD quality videos while maintaining a high quality of service);
  • Better data analytics (whenyou start to use a CDN for your website, you often get a complete file usage report monthly as you have to know what to pay for. This report can supplement your own website analytics and may give a better impression of video views and downloads.);
  • Cost savings (a CDN use is able to reduce costs by eliminating need to pay for high-priced foreign hosting);
  • Protection against DDos attacks (In case of a DDos attack, a CDN will take on the traffic and keep your website up and running. Cloud solutions will stop the attack before it reaches your data center).