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Friday, December 16, 2016

Facebook Marketing and Branding

As cliché (or maybe unfair) as it seems, people sometimes have the tendency to judge a book by its cover.

The probability that some people will also judge based on what they hear or see or based on the facts they are presented with is also highly likely.

How do the aforementioned insights relate to your brand?

If you are passionate about your brand, it’s a given you’d find ways and means to present it the best way it should be perceived.

Fortunately, presenting your brand the way you deem fit has never been easier, thanks to social media.

However, with Instagram focusing more on images and Twitter being limited by 140 characters, Facebook has hands down become the perfect tool both for marketing and branding.

However, there is more to Facebook marketing and branding than meets the eye.

If you want to fully enjoy all the benefits Facebook marketing has to offer, the following tips can get you off to a superb start:

Define your brand
First things first.

Prior to starting your Facebook branding and marketing campaign, you have to figure out what you would like your brand to represent.

Once you have this part all figured out, you have to ensure there are no inconsistencies in your representation.

You also need to make sure your story is cohesive.

You should also cover how people will likely react to your brand.

Come up with a strategy
Of course for you to get anywhere, you need to have a good strategy in place.

When coming up with the best strategy to adapt, start by analyzing what your current brand stands for and how you want it to be perceived.

Don't shy away from changing your strategy when the need calls for it.

Adapt the 70/20/10 rule
Understandably, if you want to achieve your Facebook marketing and branding objectives, you have to be as engaging as possible.

So, how do you become engaging using the 70/20/10 rule?

Here's the breakdown:

70 percent of the content on your page should be about business and brand building. In other words, it should be about information that your customers would find of value.

20 percent of the content you should share should be from other sources.

10 percent should be self-promotional.

Apply the rule to your content mix and watch your engagement soar.

Make sure you post content consistently

If you check Disney's Facebook page, you will notice that they post content at least once a day.
Apart from that, they also use hashtags very well.

Of course, the fact that they have a whole team working for them is a huge contributing factor to how amazing (and engaging) their Facebook page is.

Fortunately, even if you don't have to luxury to hire an entire team just yet, you can at least make it a point to post content at least once a day and take it from there.

Post content that are of interest 
Many brands use their Facebook page to share content that fans will be stoked about.
Monster Energy uses this strategy very effectively.

Unlike other beverage brands, you won't be able to find a picture of their product when you go through their timeline.

What you will see however is their signature logo displayed on snowboards, race cars, and other high-action vehicles or gears.

If you are not sure what content your followers or fans might find interesting, you can try posting various status updates (both related and not related to your brand) and observe the ones that generate the most engagement.

Check also Facebook Insights so you will have an idea as to the content that your fans find most engaging and deliver more of those.

Tell a story using video
Even if Oreo has been around for almost a century, it does not mean it has not adapted quite well to the current marketing and branding trends.


If you check out the Instagram and Vine videos that they regularly share on Facebook, you'd be able to appreciate the brand's creativity and fun side.

If video marketing is not your thing, you need not worry.

Nowadays, there's a treasure trove of resources on the topic.

What's even more amazing is you can experiment and create videos using free online tools like Instagram and Vine.