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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Some Simple But Useful Ways To Escape Debt Trap

Any traditional software program has different phase based developmental approach. These features include alpha, beta, and golden master which are released when new features are built and whatever is left from the last release is addressed effectively. The cycle of development starts as soon as a feature is released and it reached the Alpha stage when it is ready for testing. Beta is the stage when there are enough bugs fixed, and customer feedback is enabled. Golden Master stage is reached when there are no open bugs, which is attained by fixing some of the known issues and deferring the rest for a future release.

Problems In It

It is not as smooth as it appears to be as while your team is refactoring or fixing an issue to reach the Beta stage, new bugs can crop up and wait for addressing. So, this creation of bugs is a continuous and chronic issue. Therefore, regular addressing of such issues is essential. Procrastinating regularly can be very dangerous for your company, and if it is let unattended for a long time, it may reach to unmanageable proportions and finally choke your company to take it out of existence. Coding around the bugs and addressing can slow down development process, and your schedules can get derailed. Customers will leave you if they experience a death due to un-attended and unaddressed codes.

Tame Your Team’s Debt

If you can control your team’s debts which are there currently, then it will enable your team to focus on new feature development. Understand and make others understand what constitutes tech debt including and technical shortcuts which were taken to meet the deadlines for delivery, and put controversies to an end. Stop encouraging blaming game for the existence of tech debts as often the development team blames the architectural team for it. Try to convey that it is the result can be of anyone but it is a team effort to fix it as soon as possible.

Beware Of Testing Sprints 

Perform regular testing job to fight the urge to compromise with the existence of debt. This will result in procrastination and accumulation of tech debt and so you must not encourage it. You can avoid such defer by conducting regular testing to fix the bug or as a part of the original story. You must essentially include automated testing to maintain a strict and effective definition of your program and ensure complete and positive testing of your codes. Once detected, fix it and then again re-run the test to be safe and see whether or not it passes the test to be completely bug-free.

Tech Debt Is Inevitable

Whatever you do, technical debt is inevitable for any software team. You cannot avoid it entirely, but it is elementary for addressing it so that it does not spiral it to an unmanageable limit. You may find that a little debt is better for the long term as it can bring regular and fast development through refactoring and help in various other tactical benefits. Going for credit card help is common these days but one must make sure that the use of credit card is proper or else you may get trapped in it and may not find a way to come out of the trap. So, learn well before going for credit card help and make things easy and stress free for yourself.