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Monday, February 27, 2017

Advantages of Using An Online Domain Name Checker

Today, when internet presence is mandatory for individuals as well as businesses, having a quality domain name is as important as having a logo. Just as a logo establishes the credibility of your brand, the domain name takes it an inch further. The domain name lends a professional image to your brand and it helps to create an identity online. A high-quality domain name will help your business in many ways including helping to generate traffic and better SEO rankings. So, choose your domain name carefully. You can take help from an online Domain Name Checker so that you can select a unique and quality domain name for your website, says expert Josh MacDonald.

An online domain name checker can be of huge help

You may think that the domain name you have just chosen is perfect and simply right for your website. The problem arises when you go to get it registered because may be, then you realize that this name has already been taken. So, your time and effort all have gone waste. That is why, you should always use a domain name checker. There are many such checkers available online. All you have to do is type the domain name you have come up with and the checker will let you know promptly if the domain name has been taken or not. If it is available, you can go ahead and register it. 

If the domain name is taken, then the checker will also let you know about the variations of the name that are available. So, if it suits you, any one of those names can be taken.  Thus, the domain name checkers make the whole daunting process of domain name selection quite easy.  Just imagine what your life would have been if there would not have been such an easy process. You will have to come up with hundreds of domain names and then get each checked while going for the domain registration. It would have been quite a frustrating experience. 

Also, the online domain name checker also has several other advantages, says expert Josh MacDonald. 
A domain name is not just the name of your website, it is your address on the internet. It is not something that you can change again, so the first time you come up with one, it be the best one. As you want to better your business from your rivals, so should your domain name be – a notch above everything else.  So, you should take your time before coming up with a domain name. An online domain checker can truly be a helping hand to help you in your search.

So, just think of a couple of words first that represent what your website is about and what its objective is. Also remember, your domain name needs to be short and catchy, something that is easy to remember. It should also be keyword-specific so that the domain name can also be helpful in SEO.  An online domain name checker can easily guide you into achieving all these.