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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Software Deployment. What to pay attention to?

When you work as a network administrator or manager, software deployment may become your ordinary job task. All in all, it’s an activity meant to put a new software system into operation. The job is tiresome and often requires certain skills and knowledge if it is done manually. There are quite a lot of software products that are able to automatize this process, and you should certainly take this fact into consideration while managing your network.

Software Deployment Tool: What is It?

Using a software deployment tool often means applying for a special program that is able to put new software products into operation on the network. It’s really handy because you get an opportunity to install as many program packages as you need on a specified number of machines. The deployment process may be initiated by a single click and finished in no time.

However, this is not the only benefit of using such a program. You may also use it to identify and make a list of software products installed on the network. The scanning process doesn’t require special agents to be installed and ends up in supplying a comprehensive and detailed list of the programs that are operating on the network at the moment.

Finally, you may also use a software deployment program for finding malicious and dated programs on the network and get rid of them on time.

Several More Reasons to Use a Software Deployment Tool

As we have already stated above, using a remote installer seems to be quite beneficial. Here are several additional reasons why these software deserves your attention:
  • Less mistakes are made when a software is deployed automatically;
  • Anyone from a deployment team can do this;
  • Software deployment doesn’t drag your attention from more important tasks;
  • It’s able to provide better monitoring and safety checks.
If you aren’t willing to depend on your staff, you may always automatize certain activities and operations. For instance, you may use a special software to deploy programs on your network. Even the best network administrators can make mistakes.

For example, they may use a wrong version of the program or miss some important operations. To avoid such problems, you may let a special software tool install the other software on your network and repeat this operation as many times as you actually need.

A software deployment (if it’s done manually) often requires a network administrator’s attention: he should track and validate the performance of the program. When the software is deployed automatically, you don’t need to pay much attention to such things as the deployment and validation are done invisibly and don’t require the network manager’s attention.

Today, we have talked about several reasons to use an automatic deployment tool. Hope that our post will help you make the right choice and organize your work better.