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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

White Hat VS Black Hat Online Reputation Management Tactics

Online reputation management is something that companies are struggling with more and more as the internet continues to evolve and develop. Many businesses have reputation management strategies that are lacking the ability to make their online reputation management stand out and appeal to consumers.

Naturally, these organizations are now reaching out to ORM services and ORM companies that specialize in these particular affairs. It is pertinent to find a trustworthy online reputation management company that will actually help you to excel your reputation management instead of trying to scam your business out of money.

Ethical online reputation management practices are referred to as white hat tricks whereas the unethical online reputation management practices are referred to as black hat tactics. Black hat tactics are frowned upon and deliver short term results that often do not last. There are several black hat tactics that have emerged over the years that are easy to spot. Here are some examples of what online reputation management black hat tactics you should be watching out for.

Astrosurfingis the practice of creating fake accounts on different platforms and flooding it with fake reviews in order to boost your reputation management efforts. An ORM company or ORM service that does this is ultimately hurting your brand by making it less reliable in the eyes of consumers. Crating fake content like websites or blow is something that ORM companies and ORM services do as well.

Keyword Stuffing is basically inserting as many keywords as possible into your content in order to rank higher within a list of search results. It is something that any ORM company or ORM service practicing white hat tactics can see through.

Using Invisible Text is something that involves filling a page with text that is not visible.
When looking for a reliable online reputation management company, make sure that they practice white hat tactics and are interested in seeing the long term success of your company. Your reputation management cannot afford to be associated with black hat tactics.