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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Why It Is Worth Paying For Email Signature Designs

The email signature is an important part of your email. There are plenty of reasons why people paid to have their signatures created, so we thought we would look at why it is worth paying for yours.

There are certain things you just cannot do and expect your signature to look professional and consistent on every one of the major email clients.

  1. Using Outlook or Work to Create a Signature-While you may think it is easy enough to use Outlook or Word to create an email signature, be warned! Yes, they are easy to use, but, certain versions of Outlook use their own Word Rendering Engine to create HTML. This leads to loads of unnecessary and pretty incompatible HTML code that just doesn’t do well with other email clients. In both Word and Outlook, your signature will render perfectly, just the way you have created it, but when you send an email off to someone who uses another major email client, such as Gmail, they won’t see the signature the same way you do. Rather, they will get a jumbled up mess. That’s because your generated HTML code is incompatible.
  2. Coding Like You Would for a Web Page-Let’s say you have a web designer who says they have a few email signature examples to show you and that it won’t take them long to create the one you want. Chances are, if the designer doesn’t have much email signature know-how, they will soon feel frustrated over the code they could have spent a week or two developing when they test it on all major email clients and realize it doesn’t code the same as it would for a standard web page. It just doesn’t work that way. Email clients are not happy when you use stylesheets – they cannot understand it.
  3. Coding the Signature the Same Way as an HTML Email-Now, let’s say you have found someone who knows how to code HTML emails. That’s great, after all, HTML emails and HTML signatures are the same thing, right? Not so much. When you send off an HTML email, you usually use software other than the email client. For instance, you may send them out to your subscriber list using Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, but not Gmail or Outlook. HTML email designers do have to pay attention to how the email will be received in other email clients and ensure that the email looks consistent across platforms, but what about the way in which the email client’s rendering engine will handle and change the code? Most software programs work differently to standard email clients, and that means your beautifully designed signature could look like mumbo-jumbo to your clients.


Looking at these three points, you should be able to see why it is important to pay for a great email signature design. You may have the most competent web designers on your team already, but they could struggle with email signatures that are compatible with HTML and that will work across the main email clients.

It is better to outsource this task and ensure your signature looks attractive and professional every time you hit send.