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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Google Pixel 2: Rumored Specs

Many competitors produce excellent gadgets, but there is no raisins, they are raw and dull, while this year they all want more innovation, more than sharp pieces. And, this gadget gives you everything, even in excess, and therefore should pay attention, especially if you have long looked for a smartphone on Android and want quality toppings, along with other benefits.

If the Nexus series of phones are usually offered an excellent and eye-catching design that makes them visible among competitors, then this feature is missing in the Pixel XL. Is not allocated the front panel - looking at it, the device can be confused with many other smartphones on the market. The vast empty space below the display, which might put a fingerprint reader, is particularly inappropriate.

There is a protection against water and dust to IP53 standard, which is slightly inferior to the other flagship smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S7 - IP68, Apple iPhone 7 - IP67). So to use the gadget in the pouring rain or drop into the water is not recommended. Google Pixel 2 is going to be water-resistant.

 In Google Pixel uses the operating system Android 7.1, which is not much different from version 7.0, the review of which you can also read on our website. But some of the innovations in the new OS still there, and they relate to, first of all, design. There are rumors which are saying Google Pixel 2 would have Android 8.

In addition, unlike Apple, which has developed a whole new 3D Touch technology to add the ability to cause additional menu in Google approached the issue easier. If you just hold your finger on the icon in Android 7.1, a popup menu, which will be put option, depending on the program. It does not require the use of the screen smartphone that understands the degree of pressing, and at the same time, such a system of quick options for applications is quite workable. While it does not support all the developers, but it is possible that as soon as this function will appear in the shells of other manufacturers, they will be more.

Google Pixel 2 is equipped with a 16 megapixel camera with large pixels 1.55μm, aperture f / 2.0, and the phase and laser autofocus. In good light the camera takes really excellent, capturing even the smallest details.

In general, we note that Google Pixel camera takes really excellent. She was a little lacking optical stabilization that was visible during video shooting. Last, you can record in resolutions up to 4K. Question here arises whether Google Pixel 2 will have such an amazing camera. So, let’s wait for Google Pixel 2 Release Date which is not clear yet.