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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Impressive facts about WordPress Website Design

WordPress is one of the most used and most popular content management systems in the world. It is like a mini magic point which gives power to anyone and everyone to create a website and make a success of it. Though most of you know about the benefits of WordPress, there are more awesome features that you may still have no clue of. You can look at WordPress website design to know more.

The features of WordPress you should know about

It is widely popular: A majority of websites in the world are powered by WordPress CMS than others. It is estimated that around 60 percent of the websites in the internet uses WordPress. From bloggers to professions, from small businesses to high profile brands use the platform to create easy but powerful websites. Big names such as the Mashable, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The New Yorker and even the Forbes have used WordPress to create their websites.

It is no long just for blogging: WordPress may have started as a blogging platform but today, it offers more options. In fact, you name it and you will find a site on this simple platform, be it e-commerce, online courses and so on. Thus, no matter what business you have, WordPress will host it as well as any other platform.

The Plugins are the magic buttons: The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your website with the help of plugins. You will not need any codes to give some amazing effects to your site. Though there are paid plugins as well, you still have around 45,000 free ones to choose from!

The kind of sites you can create: Just consider the type of site you wish to create and you can do so with WordPress. Some examples are forums, booking sites, customer feedback sites, real estate sites, membership forums, work boards, and so on.

You can customize your website: Just because your website is on WordPress does not mean that it has to look like some other site. You can make it customized and create a unique website design that showcases your brand identity and positions you as a separate entity on the big web world. Just look at WordPress website design Perth and you will know.

Intranet sites work perfectly on WordPress: Not just for small businesses but even for large companies, having intranet sites means their work becomes easier and more convenient. Plugins can be used effectively for such sites. Also because these sites are not hosted anywhere else, it can also be a money saving option for businesses.

Easy to develop, easier to manage and free: You can create a WordPress website from WordPress website design Perth in relatively lesser time and these sites are easy to manage as well without having to spend extra money on it. Of course, as WordPress is free, just imagine how much money you can save annually when you have a website on this convenient and user friendly platform.

Get the best SEO for free: WordPress is loved by search engines as it is created in such a way that search engine spiders can easily crawl around and help you in site rankings. Thus without paying for SEO, you can get powerful SEO with WordPress.