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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Top 6 Things to know before Developing a Mobile Application

Did you know that Android is one of the most preferred and the popular platform for mobile application? In addition, Android is also said to have two-thirds of the smartphone market all across the world.

Apart from Android, there are many other platforms available like Windows iOS, etc. But did you ever considered the factors which make a mobile application famous among its users? Read the post to know about the things to know before making a mobile app. But before that let’s check out some eye-appealing statistic related to mobile apps –

  • As per 2015, there are 4.43 billion smart phone users all across the world and the figures are also likely to increase
  • 1.5 million iOS apps are available in the Apple app store
  • More than 1.6 million Android  apps are available in Google Play Store
From the statistics above, the importance of the mobile app becomes indispensable. Let’s move on to the pointers.
  • Efficiency-When it comes to efficiency then mobile should be highly data efficient and should not consume much data. There are thousands of apps available over the web which are downloaded and forgotten by the users. This should not be the scenario with an effective app and users should use it for long.
  • Try Something Out of the Box-It is a human tendency that we get bored of doing the same thing after doing it a couple of times. So while developing a mobile app one should try to make the app unique and distinct from the apps already available in the market. This will offer the users with a better user experience and engagement will be more.
  • Price it Properly-It is one of the most important factors to consider before developing a mobile app. The price will determine the success or failure of an app. It is said that pricing an article is much easier than pricing a mobile application. One has to follow certain pointers to give the best price to the mobile app.
  • Don’t forget to opt for App testing-It is important to test the application before launching it for the users in the market. The app should be creative and easy to comprehend for the users. You should make sure whether the app is working slow or gets hanged while using it. All these will reduce the number of people using the app. In this context, hiring a professional android development company in India could be one of the most decent choices to come out with an excellent app.
  • Analyse your Target Audience-Before developing a mobile application it is important for the company or the developer to analyse the target audience. They should be clear in their mind about the users of the app and how it will be helpful for the users. In this way, the app will become popular and will have maximum downloads.
  • Get Account of your Budget-This is indeed one of the most important factors to consider as all the steps involved in the development of mobile application seek money. So, businesses should distribute or allocate funds for each and every stage to be used during the development of the app.
Following the tips mentioned above will make the difference for sure and the businesses will be offered with positive results. It is always recommended to get in touch with a professional android development company in India or in any given business sphere as they are working in the industry for long and are aware of the facts to make the app a successful venture.