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Monday, June 12, 2017

TWILX - The Worst Mistake You Can Make Toward SEO Pricing

Don’t make the common mistake that 8/10 customers make when looking for SEO Pricing in Australia! Your most likely utterly confused by the differences in the SEO Prices offered in Australia or even surprised by the number of SEO Companies that advertise things like; “The Cheapest SEO Prices” or “Best SEO Pricing Services” and your wanting to find out the truth?

If your wanting to increase your search engine rankings to Page #1 in Google and are on the lookout for the most cost effective SEO Pricing in Australia from an established firm that offers the most reliable SEO Services, than make sure you are selecting a provider that has affordable SEO Pricing for your business and not the cheapest. There’s a bucket load of competitive SEO pricing on the web because of all the competition from hundreds of Australian SEO Companies that are trying everything to win new customers. This includes outsourcing all their work to overseas countries at a fraction of the cost and then advertising ‘Cheap SEO Prices”.

Instead you should try to locate an SEO Company who offers SEO Pricing that is affordable for your budget and notnecessarily the cheapest. “You get what you pay for” in this world.

Quality should be the ONLY thing you should be concerned about and NOT price.

You’re going about things the wrong way if it’s only the cheapest SEO Pricing your looking for. Instead, try to find a local Australian SEO Agency that has affordable SEO Pricing and doesn’t exceed your budget. Don’t base your decision on choosing an SEO company just because they have the cheapest SEO services known to man because rest assured, they are most likely outsourcing work to overseas countries for pennies.

Do some homework and identify who the most well-known SEO players are in your area and then contact them to obtain a SEO Price quotation. This give you the knowledge of what the ‘actual price’ of quality SEO is and what it should be which will allow you to compare those SEO Prices you received to other SEO Pricing offered by other less credible agencies.

Did you know? Over 93% of all results in Google you see for the search term “SEO Pricing Australia” are from dodgy SEO Companies based overseas that are just pretending to be “100% Australian”. However, they are not what they appear to be since they rely on other agencies overseas or even freelancers to do their work for them.

Would something bad happen If I selected an SEO Agency that outsourced their work?

Google Penalty: low cost SEO Providers charge the lowest price possible because they offer just that, the lowest quality service too! 99% of the time this is due to them resorting to BlackHat SEO. Google hates this with a passion and won’t hesitate to ‘black mark’ your site and can even ‘de-list’ your site from the index! Google has very smart AI and with regular updates being made every week, they will catch you practicing such tactics. If your website receives a Penalty,be sure to know that close to 90%+ of the organic traffic to your website will also be lost!

It isn’t funny because you would then be forced to open your wallet even further and fork out more money to recover back those rankings that you lost when you decided to invest in that El’cheapo SEO Pricing from that overseas company.

In summary, Gradually improve your website’s SEO by building quality links from trusted sites by ONLY using WhiteHat techniques. Talk to a SEO Specialist before doing anything and if you do choose to use an SEO Company, make sure you find SEO Pricing that is affordable for your budget and NOT the cheapest.