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Friday, August 11, 2017

How to score good marks in your 10th board examination?

The board exam you appear for during your 10th grade is the most important exam of all. It is the first exam that will determine your career and your future. It is the first milestone of your career that will shape the rest of your career. This exam is very important for any child and it is very necessary that they prepare well for this exam and it is also necessary for the parents and teachers to help the students during this time.

Instead of quarrelling with them or dictating them everything all the time, let them relax and study and support them in every way possible. Take a look at this article to learn more about how to score well in your first major examination of your life.

  • Foundation course for class 10 is one of the best things that are available for students. It will help you to revise all your subjects especially your science subjects and this will act as your study guide just before your examination. You won’t have anything new to study just before your examination, but will need to study the old chapters and topics and revise theme every day and this course is just perfect for doing so. This will help you in understanding your preparation and ability as well. By signing up for this course you will be able to understand how much work you need to do more so that you can score really good marks in your board exams.
  • It is natural that you will be very stressed out and tensed during this examination and the stress level will make you crazy because this is after all the first major examination of your life. But it is high time that you STOP. Just STOP and BREATHE. Let everything go and take a deep berate. Everything will be alright and if you prepare well, then you are bound to get good marks. So, stop worrying as this will make you become more prone to forgetfulness. Instead try to relax and not freak-out because this might be the first major examination, but not the last and you will get plenty of opportunities in your life that will help you to showcase your talent.
  • Try not to do selective studying as it might harm you in your examination when questions from the topics will come that you haven’t studied. So, try not to do selective studying and instead do some research and studying on every topic even topics that you find non-interesting or if you are weaker in them. Also, try out foundation course for class 9 as courses like this will really help you out in gaining confidence on weaker points. They will also help you in the revision of topics that you find non-interesting. You will be able to a last-minute study of everything and this will further help you in your overall progress.
  • During your examination try to remain calm and if you find yourself having a panic attack, then do some deep breathing and before your examination try to practice meditation every day and this will help you in gaining confidence as well.