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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The camera quality of LG G7 will literally amaze you

LG G6 - a powerful smartphone has an excellent camera, a decent battery and the features that users need. Display format 18: 9 creates a new visual image and a new user experience, and the functionality of the smartphone reaches a whole new level. And most importantly - LG has proved that a large display does not mean a big phone and also find How to convert MOV to MP3


As for the video, here the LG G6 also shows excellent results. The shooting can be carried out in 4K resolution. In addition, you can shoot video G6 in manual mode; you can choose not only ISO and shutter speed, but also the sensitivity of microphones (stereo sound, written in FLAC). Plus, the device has a wind noise filter, setting the LCF (Low Cut Filter) - a low-pass filter, setting LMT - effects voice recording. All this set of "lotions" is perfect for recording concerts without overloading and locking the microphone. The LG with brings a 12MP front camcorder and 22MP Dual lens back camera with a Dual color Flash. The superior high-detailed realistic picture quality of forthcoming LG G7 smartphone with its warming effects, 3D effects will amaze you.

Developers also found a more extended display application and in the Camera application in G6. In the LG G6, you can find a special mode "Square" when enabled; the display is divided into two parts. At the top, a video-seeker will be displayed, and in the lower one, you can view already taken pictures. Why do you need such a regime, it's hard to say, but, for example, with the necessary persistence and imagination, you can collect cool collages. According to the rumors, if you want to sharpen your photography and videography skill, then LG G7 is the best smartphone for you having autofocus, optical stabilization, manual control options, genuine colors and much more special features; at a cheaper price (869.498USD) than Galaxy S9 (993.557).

The result

After the failures of recent years, LG desperately needed a flagship like the G6. The Korean company returned to the basics and focused on the things that are really important for creating a lasting universal device, and in my opinion, they succeeded. And this time, Company is again trying to give something best. For the next year, the company is planning to launch a new screen technology with its LG G7 flagship may welcome a smartphone having 5.8” bendable screen – such an amazing thing. The value and protection of this 4K OLED screen have got enhanced with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.
The only thing that can be subjectively subject to fault is the fingerprint sensor located on the rear panel. Frequent false positives and slow work a little overshadow the pleasant sensations when using the LG G6. The hearsay suggests that the fingerprint reader in LG G7 will work quicker than LG G6 and we can see it stationed under the screen in a tiny 0.03 slit.

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