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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Advantages and disadvantages of pay per click marketing

Pay per click campaigns are very beneficial for all sized businesses mainly because it can generate fast results by targeting right people at the right time. Pay per click marketing and search engine optimization are two major components of digital marketing and they can work together harmoniously to give best results. If you do not get good results initially or you find that your first campaign failed, perhaps hiring an experienced professional would be of great help here. 
Considering all aspects of search engine marketing Toronto there is no doubt that PPC campaigns are also not free from disadvantages. Though advantages are outstanding and noticeable, it is better to know about bot the sides of the coin before you start the campaign. When it comes to some obvious results and best way to find the advantages, PPC is a great way to get extremely targeted and pre-qualified visitors to your website. Another aspect that makes people opt for pay per click marketing is its popularity.  
Benefits of PPC ads 
  1. Get targeted website traffic – PPC ad campaigns have tools to figure out specific subsets of searchers and this displays ads to someone who recently visited your website. 
  2. Help you buy qualified traffic – Since pay per click advertising gives immediate results, it delivers highly targeted and motivated traffic. These are the visitors who are actively search your product or service.
  3. Improves brand recognition – Since your competitors are busy with SEO strategies trying to get their website listed on the top of search engine results, your website and brand will be on the top because of the top paid ad listing. 
  4. ROI is measurable – Using the PPC analytics you can measure your pay per click marketing results for the ROI to find out what is working and what is going wrong immediately. 
  5. Helps in building niche marketing strategy –This helps you reach out to specific niche markets, target specific days of the week or time of the day, specific countries or cities, as per your need or wish. 
  6. You have absolute control – Unlike search engine optimization, the complete control of pay per click marketing remains in your hand. It is completely up to you how much you want to spend on the campaign. 
  7. Helps in seasonal marketing campaigns – Seasonal marketing is helpful for all kinds of products and services. With pay per click marketing campaign you can run a campaign during slow season and get some more sale or set specific hours of the day for your ad to get displayed.
Disadvantages of PPC  
  1. When compared to search engine optimization, pay per click advertising is short lived. 
  2. It gives temporary listing because the listing will appear only till the budget exists. 
  3. When you are into a competitive market, you might have to increase your pay per click cost in order to stand. 
  4. You might need a google adword expert to help you fix if something gets out of your reach or below your expectation. 
  5. So, if you need help setting up a fruitful pay per click marketing campaign for your business, call the experts.